Thursday, August 23, 2012

Green and Shaggy

If you are  reading me for a while your saw my post about crafty swap named  PIF( Pay It Forward) action
I already thinking of making an another one) 
And my advice to you - try it for yourself . It is really fun and exciting!

Look what i ve got by mail  from Telah, designer, crafter and owner of Heart Felt Design
Check out her 2 etsy shops( here and here) and you will definetely find somebody for you or for the loved ones.
The prices are very friendly and  the assortment is  greatly diverse. 


Her Green Shaggy guy found his place in my house and i just love him!
Here he is in a company of my creations)

One of my dogs trying to understand who is this guy next to him and why is he lying on the bed, which belongs to him, and only him. He he. This dog always acting like he is a center of the universe)

You can find this and other  cuties in Telah shop. I love the idea of the plush bumble bee. And Turquoise critter  is so so sweet. I really like the fact that this ''monsters'' not terrible ones , but   positive and cuddly creations.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


My dear readers. 
I have my  birthday at  31 of October , and to celebrate this day i decided to make present for you with the Big Owl Giveaway.

Welcome Giuseppe Azzurro - Blue night owl, new Wassupbrothers family member.
He is made of recycled blue faux fur coat  and wonderful denim jacket with the micro silver studs.
Look how beautiful  it looks like - like a little shiny  stars in the dark blue sky!
His chest is decorated with the green bow and vintage metal button with the scorpio sign.
( Scorpio - is my zodiac sign )
You can join giveaway and win Giuseppe owl  till 31 of october.
Giveaway is worldwide , so anyone can enter.


So if you want to win my Owl , you should:

1. Be a follower  or become a follower of my blog
2. Post on the sidebar of your blog picture of the giveaway, with an active link, or make a separate post. If you don't have a blog, make the  post with the giveaway picture and info on Facebook or in any  other  social resource.
3. To be noted in the Mr. Linky widget  list in the end of the post. Please, write your name and  add your  blog  link or other resource  link with the giveaway post  there.

The winner will be randomly selected and the winner will be announced on the blog on the first  day of November.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

And the winner is....

The winner of the creative contest is Jocelyn from Flowerleaf .
This is her entry - wonderful ring with Marcus)

Congratulations, Jocelyn!

Little Sonia owl waiting for you

I had 7 competitors. And i ve spent hours , trying to choose the best one work.
It is not easy in fact the works is so different and wonderful, and the competitors  in different ages, little little  ones and adult artists.
So i go back to the  old hat  and pieces of  papers and choose the winner randomly.

Like you remember, competitors were supposed to depict Marcus owl in any technics they want.
Here he is:

 Look at all this beautiful artworks,  inspired by him!

1.Artwork  in mixed art technics by Ashlie from Painting Bliss

2. Painted Ring by Jocelyn from Flowerleaf . 

3.   Art collaboration from Maryia from Domatoma and her  22-months old son )

4.  Marcus by Holly from Hollycraftoriginals. She made him into an applique.

5. Marcus   owl  embroidered ornament by Astrid from AnAstridEndeavor

 6. Artwork by Christine from Mahzerandvee

7. Wonderful drawing  was sent by  Robin  from Tansy Dolls 
Her 4 years old daughter Aria Jae drew this picture of Marcus

Big Thank you for all the participators! It was so excited!

Monday, August 13, 2012

August Free Flight

 Special Offer for my Facebook fans and Blog readers

From 13 August to 1 September 

Use –°oupon code      FREEFLIGHT

and get free shipping for your purchase in my etsy shop 

Look at  lovely waving Yoshi hedgehog,  you can find him also in my shop

Sunday, August 12, 2012

My new Llama friend

Few days ago i received  yellow postal package from Tami from Gretel Creation.  
This lovely surprise was the participation in  my PIF( Pay It Forward) action.
We sent our packages to each other at the same day  and received them at the same time also) 
Isn't it sweet?)
Now i am proud owner of little cream cutie - Wonderful LLama , made by Tami!
Some time ago i won Tami's giveaway  and little green bookworm  start  living in my house!
Now he have a llama friend , made by Tami's artistic crafty hands)

 Poor thing, she is so tired, and sleeping  -  she had long way from UK to Russia)

 She found her bed around the sewing singer  machine in  a 3 tiered cupcake glass stand from IKEA, which i use like a  tools organizer.

made little pillow for her and covered little cutie  with the piece of vintage lace.
I can look at her for hours)- she is so peaceful and cute!   

  My little owl creation Benjamin   singing lullaby for lovely Llama

Jean Paul White Owl

Welcome my new Owly creation.
Jean Paul Owl made of creamy white faux fur and  lovely vintage ducky cotton fabric from my childhood. I guess it was pillowcase.
His height is 40cm (16'' ) from head to toes and 26cm ( 10,2 '') when he sits.

Jean Paul Owl and owly relatives

I finished him at night so we ( me and my husband) play with the lighting as we can)) 

Monday, August 06, 2012

Fidji white kiwi bird

Welcome my  third Kiwi white bird. I playing with the nose and legs, feet sizing. The legs are little biger then previous kiwi's legs. First  kiwi's  noses was plastic, made from wonderful vintage buttons ( i had only 2) and this time i carved wooden nose, it is little longer too.
And kiwi's  name is Fidji  . I think it is a boy) You can find him in my  shop here

Fragile beauty

I love porcelain in all forms, gently  white , with the pale shades, or colored, with the matt coarse texture or 
reflecting glaze, shiny and smooth or with the glaze craquelure. 
Artists have so many possibilities to express themselves in clay!

Present to you a small overview of beautiful porcelain necklaces from wonderful Etsy artists , whose  works  I admire for some time.
Look at all this porcelain wonders! 
You don't need to leave them on a shelf collecting dust, you can carry  them with you!

Porcelain Ginkgo Leaf Necklace and feather necklace by Tashamckelvey 

Porcelain Dove Necklaces by EcoElements , and  Porcelain tree branch necklace by shopNOKO

Lovely sleeping Baby Badger pendant by Alleluja

Porcelain Birds, bunny, foxes and owl necklaces by Madebymememe 

This porcelain pendants  are shaped like a victorian mirror . Look at this pieces of art -  amazing owl, rabbits,  wolf pendants by Poodlebreath.   I'm in love!

 Porcelain  birdy neckaces by Shendoe. I love  vintage ceramic decals here.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The owl creative contest will continue till 15 August

I decided to continue the owl creative  contest till 15 August.
So you still have 2 weeks to show your creativity and have chance to win my little Sonia owl.
Read details here

Kiwi bird's flight

Like i told you before , i made little sister for Fibi kiwi bird. Her name is Lola. 
White kiwi birds already found their moms and moving to Australia and United States this week.
Last weeks i had many  custom orders and was in rush, so i hadn't much time to make photos of my creations, and it is sad, because i can't see them again.
But this time we make Sweet Kiwi birds photos alot .

 Fibi looking for Australia on the map
 And Lola already found United States
The plushy crowd saying goodbye for them.