Sunday, January 27, 2013

Olivier portrait by Amelia

Yohoo! Another wonderful artwork by Amelia very soon will come to me - wonderful portrait of my Olivier owl. This artwork made by  talented Amelia from Inameliart:
Here you can see Olivier owl having a good time in his garden around his palace .
I cant wait to see my owls painting at home and place them on the walls)

Here is Amelia's shop, page and blog

I just love this photo from her lightful studio

 And here is Olivier owl  photo made by my husband Igor Zamyatin ( Myst Hive )

Customer appreciation giveaway

After more then 1 year being on Etsy  i decide to make the giveaway just  for my dearest customers!
Im so happy to have every one of you !
All you have to do to enter to win is post a photo of   your creature by Wassupbrothers  on my Facebook page timeline or to send it to my email:

If you have more than one Wassupbrothers creature, then you may enter more than one photo, but they must contain different products purchased. 
For example- if you have 3 Wassupbrothers creatures and you will send me 3 photos of them then you will have 3 paper on a hat)

The giveaway will run till 27th febrary and i will choose the winner randomly at the last day of febrary - 28 febrary

Winner will get: one of my  pigeons with  your  short  custom message on its chest. 
Here on photos you can see examples of the messages.
The pigeon have metal ring on its back so you can hang it .

Good luck everyone

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Edgar owl portrait

Yay! Can you imagine! This wonderful portrait of my Edgar and little prince moving to me in the mail now. This artwork made by eternally talented Amelia from Inameliart:
My dear Edgar owl and little prince was lost in the mail some time ago and i wanted to have a portrait of them)

 While Edgar painting moving to me, Amelia sent me photo of the artwork) Thank you so much, Amelia

 Edgar owl and prince owl photos made by my husband Igor ( MystHive )

Sunday, January 13, 2013

24 Hours SALE

24 hours 30% SALE on my etsy shop

Use coupon code CUTOFF30 when you check out on Etsy.
* code cant work with the grab bags section.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Cat

Custom Scottish Fold cat. It is my first ever big cat.
Big and Soft grey cutie in the way to her new home now.

Photos by Igor Zamyatin 
aka ( Mysthive)

Music classes

This week few of my creatures have a music classes.
Big Blue-Lime owl posing on evening lights

He is not grown much owl, thats why he need bunch of books under him on the chair to feel comfortable )

It is time for music, babes! One of custom Otto deers playing piano)

Otto Deer: " What can i say- i love to play my piano! Music is my life"

Photos by Igor Zamyatin 
aka ( Mysthive)

Space Post

The last time I was at the post office, I felt like the Future is now.
 Postal worker had not heard address when the man in line gave her parcel for sending ,
and the worker asked for the person : ''Which planet? 
lIt looked like it all a common thing, to send parcels to other planets )))
It turned out that the man send the parcel to the organization called '' Planet of Childhood'' )

COSMIC POST Rubber Stamp What a nice idea) I really want one)

Photos taken from the great and endless Internet

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year my dear friends!
Thank you so much for all your support in 2012.
It means alot to me! This year wasnt easy but it was amazing adventure! So productive and creative year , i cant even dream about it year ago)

Few days ago  I was on meeting with a store owner about the selling of my toys in their store. Everything was really nice. He even bought one of my owls! And when i came back home, what i see? My dear customers bought a bunch of my little creatures in my Etsy shop) And one of my Bennie hedgehogs was just purchased too! 

Yay! I wished to have 100 sales till New Year last  year and i  have 129 sales.
Well.  I wanted to survive in 2012 Apocalypse and we are all alive)
I almost have 2000 likers on Facebook and almost 300 readers on my blog for the 2012 year! 
I still cant beleive it )
Now i just wish PayPal will start work fully in Russia and we will not have problems with withdraw money from the system, which we all have in Russia now. That is one of my big wishes for 2013 Year!

All the best wishes from snowy Russia and Wassupbrothers family!

Let 2013 Year will be special and wonderful for all of you!
Happy Holidays , my wonderful people! Stay crafty and positive! Much Love!

And what is your big wishes and goals for the 2013?

Photos by Igor Zamyatin aka ( Mysthive)

Little owls in Washington

Yay!  How i love to receive ''Hi'' from my creatures in their new home!
Few days ago i received Wonderful photos of my  little owls from my dear customer from Washington, USA.  Thank you for the lovely photos, Tory!

Look, what she wrote: "My 3 little lovely owls wanted to go outside to play & explore their new home!  I adore all 3 of them so much! They are really loving their new home in WA! Thank you for making such lovely little creatures!

I wanted to show you how happy they are here in Blaine, Washington.
 Here we are at the Peace Arch. "
"The Peace Arch is a monument situated on the Canada - USA border between the communities of Blaine, Washington USA and Surrey, British Columbia Canada."

Thank you so much, Tory! Its so sweet to know that my creations has arrived safe  and they are in loving hands)

Grumpy cat brooch

Many of you have heard about the Grumpy cat ( Tard).  Pictures with this grumpy gloomy looking cat  you can see everywhere on the Internet. This  gloomy look means nothing. In fact, from the owners words,  grumpy cat is sweet and cuddly creature. 
Here you can see my version of this cat. Felt and Lacy cat  brooch
I think my cat doesnt look grumpy, he looks sad or disappointed) Anyway my inspiration was grumpy cat)
You can pin it on any of your jackets  , and the cat will always accompany you in any occassion
You can join it till 7th january and i will pick the winner randomly at 8th january.

 Rita owl wearing grumpy cat brooch