Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wonderful Amelia

Yohooo) Olivier owl's portrait by lovely Amelia from Inameliart came in the mail today!
 Im so happy) I saw photos of the painting,  but in life its more beautiful!

I wrote about Amelia and Olivier Prince owl portrait earlier in a blog  here and here

Also i'm lucky enough to received this wonderful bird painting  by Amelia yesterday!

What a  sweet birdie creation with the bow) I'm in love!
Thank you so much, Amelia!

Amelia's packaging  is beautiful and safe at the same time. 
Its a joy to open layers one by one.

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Now i waiting for  another artwork  by Amelia - Edgar owl  with little owl prince .I hope they  will get me very soon. Cant wait to see them) You can see lovely photos of painting here

I think its time to think about big house or castle, where i can place all my owls family portraits. He He ))

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Lace is a big part of my  every day  creating and i love to use lace for the photoshooting too. 
Here - my latest lacy photos.  I love their vintage look. 20th, 70th, old good times...

 Gabriella owl 
 Prince owl hoop art

 Owl brooch

Doves from PoofyDove

Look at this lovely doves. They just came to me in the mail from Texas yesterday. 
This doves hoops are made by very talented and all the way nature inspired artist - Olivia Moore
Olivia running etsy shop named PoofyDove
I wrote about Olivia's wonderful art earlier in my blog here.
Beautiful doves are  handpainted and handstiched on  turquoise and olive cotton fabric.

They are so great so i running from the wall to the wall trying to find the best place for them )

Thank you
 so much, Olivia!
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Pony Chops

This month i received a lovely package from talented Chantal from Pony Chops
It was  a really BIG surprise!)

I was in the way to my sister birthday with the gifts for her and saw notification in my mailbox from the post office about receiving package from UK , which i didnt expected. I jumped to the Post office and once for the long time there wasnt long line there) How i was surprised when in my sister birthday i was the person who received gifts too)
Reindeers russian dolls and Persian cat brooch hand made by Chantal are so wonderful and bunny card is so cute)
Thank you, Chantal )

 What a sweet cat brooch)

Chantal  is an UK based artist, who specialises in one of a kind  painted shoes & fun fashion accessories. 
She  do custom orders for shoes & Russian dolls too :)

Here you can see  some of her handpainted colorful shoes.
Go check her etsy shop and wonderful blog  full of happy colors , and find something unique and positive for yourself or somebody special.

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Cubert the hedgehog

My latest hedgehog - Cubert  diving through the boxes with the buttons.
You can find Cubert in my etsy shop
 Photos by Igor Zamyatin (Myst Hive)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hoot Hoot

I'm a night owl) Hoot Hoot )
I wish to sleep at night again , but i make owls and i became an owl already)
I guess i need to make some morning birds to sleep at night and  wake up early.

                                                                                           Photo by Igor Zamyatin  aka (Mysthive)

 Owls Photo from endless internet

Sunday, February 17, 2013

'' Organize yourself '' Giveaway

Do you like planners and organizers like  i do?
I am a guru of organizing and planning. I like to read inspirative posts about it, i have lots and lots notebooks and organazers,  but mostly they are  all blank.
Mostly all my working notes can be found in a small pieces of paper everywhere around.
Time to time  time  i turning to good and get everything together on planners but usually it's just for few weeks.
When i saw  ''Today is the day''  planner  first time i fall in love.
Red  book cover  and retro styled fonts and style inside just so Inspirative)
Lettering and illustrations are  by Jessica Hische.
I want to share this planner with you, my dear readers.
This planner have no dates so you can start it whenever you want and add dates yourself.
I added washi tape and  masking sticker set , so you can use it in your everyday projects.

To win  the giveaway  you just should be or become a follower of my blog 
All the shares are welcome  but not required.
Please, leave the  comment with your contacts, so i can find you  in case  you win.
The winner will be randomly selected  at 18th of Marth 2013
Giveaway is worldwide , so anyone can enter.

Happy Planning and Good Luck :)

Here few  photos  of beautiful planner, you can see more photos here

Friday, February 15, 2013

Om nom nom

I want  to share this  beautiful photos with you.
Love, love, love   this squirrel photos by my husband Igor ZamyatinMyst Hive)
This hiding and chewing face is so cute)))What a beautiful animal!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dont forget....

You still have time to join my hedgehog giveaway here
Good luck everyone :)

Photo by Igor Zamyatin  aka ( Mysthive)

The Lambs

My latest custom big lamb with the hand embroidered face. 
Its take  quite bigger time now to make  big animals with the embroidered faces,  but i love the result so much)


And my first one big lamb. I love this colors combo- it was my customer's choice, i just added a little bit of lace and bow with the vintage button.

Photos by Igor Zamyatin  aka ( Mysthive)

Mr.Finch the Owl

Mister Finch the Owl is a serious and thoughtful creation,he like to read and look at the window.
His chest and wings are decorated with the embroidered beaded motives , he have cotton lacy bow with the vintage styled button on his neck.
You can find him on my etsy shop

 Photos by Igor Zamyatin  aka (Mysthive)

Sunny Necklace

My dear sister had birthday this month, and i made this sunny necklace for her. 
Its made of different vintage and new beads, part of mom's amber brooch and grandma's old flower button)

 Photos by Igor Zamyatin  aka ( Mysthive)

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Black cat

  Do you believe in good or bad omens(signs). In Russia , as in many other countries, people believe that if your path will be crossed with the black cat - is not for good. Some people really have  black cats fobia. 
 I don't believe it. 
I believe only in good signs, what-ever they might be
Today on the way to the post office is not a cat, but I crossed the path of a black cat. And the expression on the cat's face was like " Oh MY! It is a human creation crossed my way. What to do! The cat stopped, sat down, and probably decided that day anyway, spoiled and better not going anywhere.
 When I came back from the post office in a few hours - the cat was still sitting there with ''my life is over'' look )
He he) 

Photos taken from endless  Internet