Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bye Bye, Google Reader, Hey Bloglovin'

I guess you  know Google Reader is shutting down on the 1st of July.
 Luckily we can import the blogs we read from Google Reader to Bloglovin', which will allow you reading your favorite blogs very easily.  
I found this easy  tutorial  from  Bloglovin'  in  Yellowbirdyellowbeard blog.
If you have not yet registered on Bloglovin', now is the right  time. 
It is very easy to use and simple design dont disturbing your eyes.

 I am hoping to see you soon on my Bloglovin' profile so that you won't lose any update! 
                                                Happy reading!

Saturday evening

We had lovely evening walk with my husband and some of the soft friends. Mr Bat had a great time looking at all the mosquitoes and big moths around.

Jean- Paul owl resting after long walk. Fuf! Its so hot today!

Flying away

Lacy owl started her journey to the Giveaway winner to  UK this week.

Another Lacy owl moved overseas to the new home this week also.

Have a nice flight, lovelies

At  time when Lovely lacy owlflying away from the nest to the new homes , i have flying visitors in the house.

If I do not go on Nature, nature comes to me ) He he
For the last 2 days 8 butterflies flew into our house, and I caught and let them fly away. We live in the 10th floor, and usually we dont have too much of them here)
This beauty has flown to us today. She fluttered into the room before heavy rain, to wait inside until it is finished, and then I let her fly out)
She was so sweet to pose me for the few photos

Mr Bat

After few monthes   finally i made my first bat. 
Huge Thanks to my dear customer for the PATIENCE and kindness! 
Thank you, dear Elizabeth!

Customer requirements for the bat were:
-  bat boy  in a medium size ( 26 cm)
-  wings to have a layer of lace over a more transparent cloth
-  natural and warm earthy tones ( Its easy, they are my favorite :) )
-  the  body  from  faux-fur

Bat's wings was the longest decision) I tried many ways of  different lace, but finally it looks wonderful .Well i decided to add lace to his ears too, velvet brocade fabric for wings, tea dyed lacy bow and bronze tones button was added in the end. 
Furry body and legs are in the place.
What can i say! I'm in love with him. I cooked him in my head for long, and now it's so sad to let him go) But i gonna make few brothers and sisters for him in the future)

Mr Bat .
He is so lovely boy,so we cant stop to take photos of him)
First 2 photos taken by my dear husband Igor Zamyatin( Myst Hive)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jean-Paul owl

My latest owl with the drops. Jean-Paul owl
He have movable wings, fixed with the buttons. His height is cm 36 (14,2'') from head to toes and 25cm ( 9,8') when he sits.
You can find him in my etsy shop here