Friday, July 27, 2012

Fibi kiwi bird

Here  is my version of white kiwi bird, i ve made yesterday.
She is lovely small eyed cutie with the lacy details and big  cream nose.
Her nose is not so long and it thicker then the real kiwi nose.
Anyway i love everything about Fibi!)
Now i'm working on her brother or sister, i don't know yet who it will be )



Kiwi bird

My last days inspiration is a wonderful cute creation -  kiwi bird , and especially  white  kiwi.  Manukura the little white kiwi was born on 1 May 2011. She is not an albino but the rare progeny of two North Island Brown Kiwi. She is extremely rare and very precious.
LIttle white kiwi lives at Pukaha Mount Bruce National Willdlife Centre

 Here on the photos kiwi just 3 days old !

Look at this lovely origami birds. Make your own paper kiwi with the youtube tutorials here and here

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Giveaway Creative contest. 7 days left.

Harry up!
There are only 7 days before the end of my owly creative contest. Show your creativity and win my little Sonia soft owl. Thank you for  participation!
Have a lovely day.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Beside toys i make many other things, like that.
Bright and cozy, Yellow cotton  crocheted infinity scarf  best choice for this  not so hot summer.
Look at wonderful sunflower on the photo! My husband always know how to make me happy.
And he is always choosing right things)  It is not roses and chocolate, but sunflower and tomatoes lol )

Interview with me and Owlsome Giveaway

Come and check out an interview with me and latest July giveaway for my little owl 
in lovely Laura Blueeyednightowl blog. Thank you, Laura! ) 
Enter to a chance to win Lovely Little Mocco Manuel owl.
It is international worldwide giveaway  so anyone can join in!

Monday, July 16, 2012

My simple tools

Today i will show you my sewing  tools list. This is not full actual tools list, but things i usially have around and i really like) Plus i just love this photo and wanted to share it with you)

1. One of my  owls sitting with me, while im working. ( Here you can see my beloved Alan owl, who is already living with his  new Mom )
2. Organizer and small notebook. I have them alot. Trying to orginize myself but unfortunately not yet).
3. Apple and orange. Im vegetarian and like to bite something juicy while working.
4. Needle cushion.
5. Ribbon,lace, tape palette.
6.Vintage bobbin of high strenght thread.
7. Mashine needles case. I sew with my grandgrandmas Zinger machine. She giving me lots of vintage mood and inspiration.
8. Pin cushion .
9. Pigeon magnet from my dreamland ''countrywhereiwannalive'' Spain.
10. Crocheted doily for decorating owl chests.
11. Origami stars. I use them everywhere, for example in photo shoots of my toys.
12. Big  scissors for fabric . Without them im like without hands.
13. little scissors from Toledo Spain. They are just perfect - small , sharp and from my beloved Spain )
14. Punch rippers . 
15. Tailor measure tape.
16. Box for machine spools.
17. Plastic  ore metal rings for lingerie ( i use them for making owls eyes).
18.  Face lacy pattern for a little owls. 
19. Bamboo stick helps to fill  soft toys.
20. Vintage spools with my favourite green tones threads.
21. Vintage buttons for toys eyes or hands and legs fixing.

And what is your crafting tools?

Write on my email:
and send your photos ( and description if you like)
I want to make post with my friends crafters tools)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Little visitor

Do you remember soft postal pigeons in my Etsy shop.

 While my soft pigeons fly away from me, this young real  pigeon unexpectedly came to me.

This morning on a walk with the dogs, I found a nice young pigeon, it could not fly, it probably damaged the wing. He did not fear me, and was not scared, but he looked lost. He have  a ring with a number on his leg and I'm searching in iternet and trying to find out  who is his owner. 
For now pigeon  lives on my balcony and I hope he will get better soon and can fly again.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

My new little green friend

Not long time  ago I won a giveaway contest in a  Gretel Creations lovely blog. And this week I received a wonderful soft  book worm in the mail.  Thank you so so much, Tami)
He is a little handsome awwww cute guy) He have tiny glasses and even have  book ( i guess for lunch)
Yesterday me and my husband and some of my owl creations had Plush Picnic in the park  So we took little bookworm with us. Hope he enjoy it)
We snap photos,  had lots of fun, sun, fresh air (and  biting bugs)   

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

PIF - Pay It Forward Handmade

I found the PIF idea   in  lovely  Laura Blueeyednightowl blog.

The idea is that the first 3 people commenting on this post will receive something handmade by me. 
Those 3 people will then:

  • do a similar blogpost and make something special for those first 3 commenters
  • and send me something handmade in return as well

What an Amazing idea!  Simply beautiful and very inspirative!
Lets have fun and share handmade love all over the world )

First 3 commentators , please, write your email adress so i can contact you) and you will receive something special from me .

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Stamp it

For the long time i just dream about handcarved rubber stamps, look at Etsy stamps stores and drooling over them))
So finally i  decided to order some stamps and start using them  for work, packaging, paper projects.
Look what i've got.

Custom Website Url,  Big quote talk bubble and  Olive branch -  hand carved rubber stamps  by  creatiate, Etsy shop, based in  Arizona, United States. 

Twig Letter Thank You   and  Black Spotted feather- hand carved stamps by extase    wonderful Etsy shop, based in Toronto Ontario, Canada. 


All this stamps are a very good quality product and i'm absolutely happy with them. I bought only black ink and pad for now, but gonna buy different colors ink in the future.

And my last and most expected stamp order.
Is a custom order from  ttyr , etsy shop based in  Stockholm,  Sweden .
My Frederick owl stamp with the shop url name has not arrived yet, but i can show the picture of the finished product, sended by Ttyr.

Cant wait to try it)