Sunday, August 12, 2012

My new Llama friend

Few days ago i received  yellow postal package from Tami from Gretel Creation.  
This lovely surprise was the participation in  my PIF( Pay It Forward) action.
We sent our packages to each other at the same day  and received them at the same time also) 
Isn't it sweet?)
Now i am proud owner of little cream cutie - Wonderful LLama , made by Tami!
Some time ago i won Tami's giveaway  and little green bookworm  start  living in my house!
Now he have a llama friend , made by Tami's artistic crafty hands)

 Poor thing, she is so tired, and sleeping  -  she had long way from UK to Russia)

 She found her bed around the sewing singer  machine in  a 3 tiered cupcake glass stand from IKEA, which i use like a  tools organizer.

made little pillow for her and covered little cutie  with the piece of vintage lace.
I can look at her for hours)- she is so peaceful and cute!   

  My little owl creation Benjamin   singing lullaby for lovely Llama


  1. Aw, she's so cute! And how lovely that she's already made friends with Benjamin!

    Loved the packaging too<3

    1. Yes) Thank you, Laura! She is a sweet sleepy cutie))

  2. Such a lovely sleep-inducing creature! Congratulations, she fits really well into your family :)

    1. Thank you, Eugenie) She is a little one , but taking a huge place in family members hearts))

  3. ahw..Thanks for the lovely blog post Olga - I am happy the little llama is settling in so well..and is making friends :D <3

    1. Aw) Tami, you are very welcome) Lovely Llama very friendly even whe she is sleeping)) Thank you for this sweet cutie)