Thursday, August 23, 2012

Green and Shaggy

If you are  reading me for a while your saw my post about crafty swap named  PIF( Pay It Forward) action
I already thinking of making an another one) 
And my advice to you - try it for yourself . It is really fun and exciting!

Look what i ve got by mail  from Telah, designer, crafter and owner of Heart Felt Design
Check out her 2 etsy shops( here and here) and you will definetely find somebody for you or for the loved ones.
The prices are very friendly and  the assortment is  greatly diverse. 


Her Green Shaggy guy found his place in my house and i just love him!
Here he is in a company of my creations)

One of my dogs trying to understand who is this guy next to him and why is he lying on the bed, which belongs to him, and only him. He he. This dog always acting like he is a center of the universe)

You can find this and other  cuties in Telah shop. I love the idea of the plush bumble bee. And Turquoise critter  is so so sweet. I really like the fact that this ''monsters'' not terrible ones , but   positive and cuddly creations.


  1. It's so lovely! I like a lot the PIF action... I would like to do something like that

  2. Aw, those creatures are really cute indeed! I love that white Yeti. and the bumblebee is adorable too!

    Also, the lamb with the dark face you made is fantatic as well<3