Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurry up

Just 2 days left to join my Big Blue Owl Giveaway
1 day of november i will choose the winner randomly)
Giveaway is worldwide as usual)
Good luck everyone!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Guess who is Featured seller on Etsy this days

Guess who is Featured seller on Etsy this days) 
Yay! That is me) Sincerely yours Olga Wassupbrothers

You can read full Etsy article here

This feature is really wonderful and unexpected present   almost for my birthday at 31 october) 
A year ago I could not even imagine that  i  end up on the main page of Etsy and stuck there for a few days  in the same  list with the remarkable sellers, crafters  and shops!
1 year ago i didnt even create my first owl and list it  on Etsy,  It was later  in the last days of november.

My dear friends, thank you  so much for all your support  and for the sweet comments on my interview! It means alot to me.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Little travelers

My latest prince  - little blue owl  with no name yet)
At first he looks like you can see him on the first photo, but later the  customer ask me to make a litlle bow for him.
And she was definitely right! Little prince  look  more complete with the bow)
He flew into a new house in Australia a few days ago.
Have a nice trip, Lovely

Little Violet owl also started her trip to a new mom  to San Diego, California. Have a fast flight , cutie!

Fibi owl

Just finished my new big owl.I didnt make bigger sized owls for quite a  long time. 
I want to change it)
Here is the new Wassupbrothers family member. Fibi Owl

She is in my favorite beige, cream, teadyed tones. 
Fibi have that vintage look  i mostly love and she is so so so Soft and huggable.

 Fibi owl in a company of little Lisa owl

 With all my owly owls i I've turned into an owl too. Today I go to sleep at 3.30 am, and that's the progress, because the last weeks  I sew up to 5 - 6 am.  Hoot Hoot )

Silvana owl Giveaway

You still have 5 days to join  Giveaway for my little colorful Silvana owl in wonderful yellowbirdyellowbeard blog.
Giveaway is worldwide , so everyone can join.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Few shelves please....

My little owly little ones slide down from all the shelves around.
It's time to buy a new pair of shelves and make little helmets for the owls, so they don't hurt themselves )

And here is one of the new ones  - Charlie owl

New in my shop. Owls, owls, owls

This autumn days and  mostly nights i sew like a  maniac)
Booooooo! I am a Ghost-Seamstress ;)

Here is my latest owls:

Morris little owl -, he is a  twin  brother of Emerald owl.

Soft blue romantic Polly  little owl

Flowered Flora little owl

Sunday, October 07, 2012

The Boat for the Owl and The Pussycat

Finally i have made all the heroes of the story.
Kitty was made first, boat was the next. At the start it was simply blue boat, i tryed to make it looks like a paper boat.  Later i added some  lace there.

The Owl was the last and i love this little guy.ะกorduroy  is my weakness and I try to add it everywhere where only it is possible)

Look at this  lovely couple!

Internet vs Singer machine

I Love days without internet , but it is not easy to take myself out of it) 
When i have blackout or maintenance issue, im happy, because nothing cant take me away from sewing or something else i need to do ,and i am not jumping every se
cond to computer)

Yesterday we had something like that in our block in the evening and night. We stayed without electricity for 5 hours, and i was so happy)
It was dark, i took all the candles i can find in the house and start working with my creations) He he)
It was very inspirational.
Good thing - my Old Singer sewing machine dont need electricity and i can work anytime)
This machine was made in 1915 and after 3 years i will celebrate her 100 years birthday!
My Grandmother and her Mother was sewing in this Singer sewing machine and now she is my working horse.

My little treasuries

Some time ago i received wonderful package from my dear blogofriend Laura BlueEyedNightOwl, package full of surprises and presents.
I opened little  envelopes one by one and it was like an early Christmas) 
My little owly creatures was so curious who is this new person)  
And just arrived owl was a little confused  from  all this attention)

Not only owls was curious, our dogs was very interested what is going on. 
Zaichic wanted to try everything i ve got.

And of course our second dog - Tango was next to him)

The fragrance of the wonderful herbal  tea which Laura sent me, permeated all around in the package . 
I can smell it for hours) I love herbal and spicy aroma. So natural!

And here is the owl number 2. Can you imagine - this  owl is a nail file)

Look at this  tiny Totoro! Oh, how i love this film, and all the Ghibli studio stuff!


Benjamin little owl  tries to unravel what  this thing for.....

 Oh i see) It is an apple! And  i can  write on  this little  apple slices . Not everyone can write on apple slices)
How lucky i am) 
 A fabric wooden stamp from India

And in the end i open envelope with the wonderful Owl Bow Brooch in Moss Green, made by Laura. I Love this color so much, i love all shades of green, but this one just perfect and can go with everything!
In Laura Etsy shop you can find  nature inspired brooshes, bookmarks, and little  accessories made with love , and the prices is SO friendly! 

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Stefano the owl

My new creation-  Stefano little owl. He looks like a little serious Lord 
I really love the soft tone of the pearly bead, it go well with the teadyed vintage lace and gray cotton.