Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas my dear friends!
Thank you all for your support! Thank you for being with me all  this time!

Much Love  and Best wishes for you and your families from Wassupbrothers family and snowy Russia!


Photos by Igor Zamyatin aka Mysthive)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rita owl

One of my latest owls- Rita owl. I have  a gigantomania for the  last monthes. My creations are  getting bigger and bigger, even if i dont want to)

Rita owl in a company of Genevieve lacy owl.

lacy days

Owl in the process. Trying new lacy faces for the middle sized  owls.

And here you can see newborn Genevieve owl. All lacy and vintage looking)
I like the result)

 Genevieve owl waving Hi)

One of my latest owls Rita and Genevieva owl 

Old snowy days

Speaking of winter and snow , today I was sorting out the old albums and found this picture. On this photo- me and my first dog and my bestest friend - Dandy. I think I here about 11 years old )) Look at my funny hat) 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Hedgehog giveaway

My dear readers. 
As i promise earlier i decide to give away one of my Hedgehogs.
Right now is the crazy pre-Christmas period, when everybody have lots of custom work and long ''to do ''lists. 
So for now here is the photos of my previous hedgehogs. But  the hedgehog for the winner i gonna  make during next few monthes, while giveaway running. 
Now is the winter and i can see the snow all over around through the window, but lets think spring and 1st of Marth come back here and see if the hedgehog gonna flight to you.
Giveaway is worldwide , so anyone can enter.

So if you want to win my hedgehog , you should:

1. Be  or become a follower of my blog.

If you don't have a blogger or google  account you can subscribe via email. Go to the right  hand column of this blog.
2. Post on the sidebar of your blog picture of the giveaway  with an active link, or make a separate post. 
If you don't have a blog, make the  post with the giveaway picture and  giveaway link   on Facebook or in any  other  social resource.
3. Put your name and blog  link  in the Mr. Linky widget   in the end of the post. 
If you dont have blog, add link to your other resourse, where i can find repost  about my giveaway.
4. Leave the  comment with your contacts, so i can find you  in case  you win.
5.The winner will be randomly selected  at 1st of Marth 2013

                            Good luck everyone  and Happy Hollidays)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lady Bunny

Not long time ago i won a wonderful giveaway by Amelia from Inameliart,
and received this beautiful print of her original painting. 

This print with the bunny portrait is one of the best prints i ever seen! First of all it is 
made not on paper,  but on thick plastic board, and you dont need to frame it,you can put it everywhere. The colors and quality   just amazing!  The print is weatherproof, not fade from light, and can be hung without the  frames

Go check Amalia's etsy shop, she have cute prints and original paintings there! The prices are very friendly.

You can find differents little friends  -   the  cats, elephants ,bunnies, bears and many others for  your   home decor or they  will be a perfect gift for mothers and children, and  will  decorate perfectly any nursery.

You can even order a custom pet portrait.It could be the best gift for the animal lover or for your own pet .

Florisel owl's portrait

Some time ago my dear almost sister and best friend ( we grow up together) Daria catched me up  in jumping between post offices and gave me this wonderful Gift fot my exBirhday) She knows how i miss my creatures, and she make this painting - portrait of the Florisel owl, who live with her) Thank you so much, sistr!

Wonderful sunny photos was taken last  hot  summer   by my dear husband  Igor    

                                                                                                                Photos by Mysthive

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Avocado green

Look what my dear sister Tatyana made for me for my  birthday in october  - wonderful green avocado hat!
I love greens in all the shades and types, and as a vegan i LOVE avocado) so this hat is just perfect for me)

Sunday, December 02, 2012


Look, who came to me this week in the mail!
Little black cat with the magic eyes and lots of personality)

This little needle felted  fellow made by Lovely Gina from CatsX 
Now she is on vacation  and  her Etsy shop  closed,  but  it will be re-open in January 2013. 
Come back that time and you can find there needle felted wonderful creations: llamas, cats, lions and birds,made with love and great quality. Basically they are all pins, and can always accompany you, no matter where you want to go)

I love all this colorful birdsl and the owl..., well, owls are always in the first place) he he

Look at this cuties!

Thank you so much for your wonderful work ,Gina!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Surprise for 100th

Yay! I am 3 sales away from 100 sales in my etsy shop! 
The 100th will have a little surprise ;)

Also till tomorrow morning dont forget to use code CUTOFF25 at checkout for 25% discount on any item
 in my etsy shop
* code do not work with the custom listings and grab bags.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

My portrait made by Daisy

Few days ago i won a giveaway for a custom portrait illustration ! 
And today I received my lovely portrait made by Daisy from Bouxwho blog.
 You can see me with the one of my little owls on a picture. How sweet)
I love the colors, and little owl just perfect and little hearts so cute)
Thank you so much, Daisy))

Fly away from the nest

This week my Most Favorite Wassupbrothers family members began to travel to their new homes in US.
Turquoise owl, Brian owl, Olivier prince owl, Nordic owl

It is always not easy  when they fly away, especially if they lived with you for some time.
If I had just made them  it is easier to let them  go .
Have a nice flight, cuties! Take good care of yourself!

My other loving ones moved to their new home in Australia.Sunshine Lion and Naranja owl.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Iamabird Givaway

Love love love  everything what   Madeleine from Iamabird creating.

I am a happy owner of one of her owly necklaces.
And now you  too have the chance to win gift card for one of her items from her shop
Giveaway running till 1 december.
There are lots of ways to enter, and they're easy too!

Thursday, November 01, 2012

And the winner is....

Finally i took the paper from the hat and we have the winner on my  Big Blue Owl Giveaway)
I know it's not often the number one wins, but this time it just happened!
Congratulations, Chepcher Jones!
Giuseppe Azzurro - Blue night owl already dressed up for the long time journey)

Many thanks to everyone  for your participation!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurry up

Just 2 days left to join my Big Blue Owl Giveaway
1 day of november i will choose the winner randomly)
Giveaway is worldwide as usual)
Good luck everyone!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Guess who is Featured seller on Etsy this days

Guess who is Featured seller on Etsy this days) 
Yay! That is me) Sincerely yours Olga Wassupbrothers

You can read full Etsy article here

This feature is really wonderful and unexpected present   almost for my birthday at 31 october) 
A year ago I could not even imagine that  i  end up on the main page of Etsy and stuck there for a few days  in the same  list with the remarkable sellers, crafters  and shops!
1 year ago i didnt even create my first owl and list it  on Etsy,  It was later  in the last days of november.

My dear friends, thank you  so much for all your support  and for the sweet comments on my interview! It means alot to me.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Little travelers

My latest prince  - little blue owl  with no name yet)
At first he looks like you can see him on the first photo, but later the  customer ask me to make a litlle bow for him.
And she was definitely right! Little prince  look  more complete with the bow)
He flew into a new house in Australia a few days ago.
Have a nice trip, Lovely

Little Violet owl also started her trip to a new mom  to San Diego, California. Have a fast flight , cutie!

Fibi owl

Just finished my new big owl.I didnt make bigger sized owls for quite a  long time. 
I want to change it)
Here is the new Wassupbrothers family member. Fibi Owl

She is in my favorite beige, cream, teadyed tones. 
Fibi have that vintage look  i mostly love and she is so so so Soft and huggable.

 Fibi owl in a company of little Lisa owl

 With all my owly owls i I've turned into an owl too. Today I go to sleep at 3.30 am, and that's the progress, because the last weeks  I sew up to 5 - 6 am.  Hoot Hoot )