Thursday, August 16, 2012

And the winner is....

The winner of the creative contest is Jocelyn from Flowerleaf .
This is her entry - wonderful ring with Marcus)

Congratulations, Jocelyn!

Little Sonia owl waiting for you

I had 7 competitors. And i ve spent hours , trying to choose the best one work.
It is not easy in fact the works is so different and wonderful, and the competitors  in different ages, little little  ones and adult artists.
So i go back to the  old hat  and pieces of  papers and choose the winner randomly.

Like you remember, competitors were supposed to depict Marcus owl in any technics they want.
Here he is:

 Look at all this beautiful artworks,  inspired by him!

1.Artwork  in mixed art technics by Ashlie from Painting Bliss

2. Painted Ring by Jocelyn from Flowerleaf . 

3.   Art collaboration from Maryia from Domatoma and her  22-months old son )

4.  Marcus by Holly from Hollycraftoriginals. She made him into an applique.

5. Marcus   owl  embroidered ornament by Astrid from AnAstridEndeavor

 6. Artwork by Christine from Mahzerandvee

7. Wonderful drawing  was sent by  Robin  from Tansy Dolls 
Her 4 years old daughter Aria Jae drew this picture of Marcus

Big Thank you for all the participators! It was so excited!


  1. wow, wonderful entries. Congrats Jocelyn <3 What a pretty little ring!

  2. Lovely creations =)) congrats to the winner

  3. That was the most fun ever!!! Thank you so much! I love all the entries. Amazing!!

  4. I can totally see where you had a problem picking your favorite and had to go the picking-names-at-random route, Olga! These entries are all so fantastic! I especially like the embroidered Marcus, the drawing by Robin's 4 year-old daughter (so cute!), and dang... I like all of them!

    Thanks for putting this awesome giveaway together and yay! I am so excited to receive Sonia!! :-D

    ~ Jocelyn of Flowerleaf

  5. Loving the entries! That ring is fabulous! Congrats to the winner! I'm also loving the art collaboration! I'll have to try that one out with my daughter. I'll have to show Aria her artwork is up on the internet. She'll get a kick out that. Thanks for having such a fun giveaway!

  6. It was really fun, thank you so so much everybody for the participation!)
    I love the idea of contest and already thinking about another one)

  7. Congratulations on this incredibly successful event :) Marcus is a real celebrity now! I, too, love all of the entries - but especially the winning one, since I like miniatures and jewelry so much.

  8. I was looking forward to seeing all the entries! These are amazing:)

    Congrats, Jocelyn!