Friday, July 27, 2012

Fibi kiwi bird

Here  is my version of white kiwi bird, i ve made yesterday.
She is lovely small eyed cutie with the lacy details and big  cream nose.
Her nose is not so long and it thicker then the real kiwi nose.
Anyway i love everything about Fibi!)
Now i'm working on her brother or sister, i don't know yet who it will be )




  1. Such a cute and beautiful creation! :)
    I loved the previous post too- darling pictures of the kiwi. It's such a strange bird but I think it's one of my favourites (My favourite animal is a platypus... any chance Fibi might have a platypus friend ;) )

  2. Thank you, Marianna) You reading my mind) I thought about making platupus too)They are so lovely creatures)

  3. these are beyond cute! so creative