Friday, September 20, 2013

Finnish and stylish

Just Found today Finnish street style photos collection
Mostly all the looks are  happy bright ,  colorful and mixed , i guess it is because of the photographer preferences.
But my fav looks  this season are in  a more natural colors pallette.

Love,love,love! Beautiful textures , natural tones, frozen  look

In this photo beautiful girl wear great embroidered pants.
Very nice fall palette embroidery, or maybe even needle felted pattern.

Fab guys

Fab girls. Turquoise shoes and plaid dress.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Handmade cards swap. Sent

 I participated in handmade cards swap on lovely  Mezz blog some time ago.

And now, when my swap  partner Virna  is already received the cards made by me   i can share them with you 
I didnt made cards for ages so it was a  brain storm for me )
I tried to keep it simple and recycle too.

Now i can't wait to receive Virna's cards. I'm so curious what i'll get :)


Owlsome video by James Owlsome

Oh my oh my! James Owlsome from England made an amazing sweet and funny video showing his freshly received owl by Wassupbrothers.
James , you are truly OWLSOME! Thank you So So much!
I watched it all day long , what a great work )

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Inameliart + Wassupbrothers = Hedgehog Giveaway

Hedgehog lovers, Welcome :)

Autumn is here , what can be better on this rainy and gloomy weather?
Of course - hedgehogs giveaway!
 I am so  happy that this time I was joined by Lovely Amelia  from Inameliart
 She giving away wonderful  print from her  original hedgehog painting
 Amelia made this lovely print  specially for our hedgehog giveaway. 
And her  hedgie painting was inspired by one of my hedgehogs!
I'm so honored! So sweet of her! 
I'm happy owner of Amelia's paintings , and my collection of her unique art is growing.

The winner  will get both hedgehogs:  Wassupbrothers soft creature  and Inameliart
Hedgehog print.

One of my hedgehogs ready to get new friends.

 How to win the hedgehogs? We have  lots of entries:

1.   Be  or become a follower of my blog and Amelia's blog  via any of this ways: bloglovin, blogger, google or email

2.  Like Wassupbrothers page and Inameliart  page on Facebook

3.  Follow Wassupbrothers and Inameliart  Pinterest 
4.  Like Wassupbrothers and Inameliart  Etsy shops,
5.  Visit  both shops, and write in your comment, what is your most favorite items in our shops.

5.  If you have a blog, post on the sidebar of your blog picture of the giveaway  with an active link, or make a separate post. 
Here is the button :
 All the other  shares ( Twitter, Facebok, etc) are welcome  but not required.
Dont forget to leave  your contacts, so i can find you  in case  you win.
The winner will be randomly selected  at 16 of October 2013
Giveaway is worldwide , so anyone can enter.

Good luck everyone! Happy Autumn!

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Swap the buttons

   Participants pairs:
 Amanda - Fern
                                                                     Olga ( me )Diana Phillips
                                                                               Lizette - Mirta
Zane Sproģe - Elisse
                                                          Alejandra López Domínguez - Olga (me)

Once you receive your partner email, please feel free to contact them.  
You can share preferences about buttons types if you wish.
Once you know who you are sending it too, it will need to be sent  
by the 27 of September 
Lots of time so you don't need to panic!

I reminding you the ''rules'':

* Send at least 10 buttons!
* Send a mixture of different buttons, not all the same
* Be nice and don't send broken buttons, the buttons  should be useful. Send something what you will be happy to receive yourself.
* The buttons can be both vintage  and handmade, they can be plastic, glass, wooden, covered with the fabric, no any limits.... :)
* And the last important '' rule''  : Don't stress yourself much, Have fun choosing and making buttons  for your swap partner :)
* If you want to add some extra  surprises to your swap package, go on :)