Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Owl Giveaway creative contest

                 This Giveaway is for my little Sonia owl, stuffed art toy, made by me. 
       I decide to make this giveaway  more interesting and i  arrange a creative contest. 

 If you want to win my little lovely Sonia owl , you have to make little artwork  and portray my other owl creation - Marcus

-  Draw, or paint , make an applique or even embroidery, make it digital or not, use any  technics you like, to show your vision of him)
-  Send your artworks, photos or scans  on my email:
-  Share info about this  giveaway in any of your social networks.
-  Make  a comment with your  contacts, so i can find you if you win.
Author of the best work will win Sonia.  

Make sure i will show the best works and  i'll review contest results here, in a blog.
The Giveaway is worldwide and shipping free, as usial. Anyone can enter.

                                                             Start date: June 25th
                                                             End date:   August 1st
                                                Winner Announced: August 2nd

               I decided to continue the owl creative  contest till 15 August.
So you still have 2 weeks to show your creativity and have chance to win my little Sonia owl. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Weekend calming Etsy finds

Lovely Giraffe handmade wooden  necklace  by  Iamabird 

green giraffe necklace- hand made painted wooden necklace- summer fashion - Giraffe in wood

Koala Diana with camera card by Lukaluka

Koala with camera card

Whimsical deer and baby Bunny - calming Art Print for a good night's sleep by   Pescerosso    

   Nursery Goodnight Art - Whimsical Deer and baby Bunny - Buonanotte

Giant Wombat Art Print by  Flossy-p

Giant Wombat Art Print

Textile wonders by Olivia Moore

Olivia Moore is an artist and very talented person from Dallas, Texas  and an owner of Etsy shop PoofyDove
I found her works a while ago and just must share it with you!
Olivia is a versatile artist, and uses her skills to the fullest. In her shop you can find different kinds of artworks: etchings, wood block prints,paintings,ceramics,embroidery hoop art.

But most of all I am in love with her ​​stuffed owls.  I like how Olivia mixes embroidery, applique and painting on fabric.

 Other amazing Olivia's woodland creation - hand sewn Fox pillow, soft sculpture and home decoration.

And i can't forget about embroidery hoop art. Doves and other beings, made with love and passion 
for art will not leave you indifferent.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

And the winner is..

My second owl giveaway contest  is over. You can see  all the info and Giveaway post  in lovely Laura blog.
Laura, big thank you for all your support!)

                                           The  winner is Madeline from the Virgin Rose!
                                                               Congrats) And thank you all for joining!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Progressing Owlomania

While my own handmade owls leaving me and travel to other countries, other owl creations coming  to me  and live in my house.
2 days ago my dear  husband made a surprise for me. And how do you think - what is this?
Of course - it's OWL )))
Lovely   night  lamp on the solar panels, it is charged from the sun by day, and during the night a beautiful owl  gives a magic light, cosiness and relax.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

My messy working space

I always dreaming about organaized working space, and clean it often ( you will never say it from the pic ), but in reality it look like a mess . )))) 
Maby it's only way i can work productively?  
When i start to put  everything on places and sort on boxes and  containers, 
 i can't find anything. 

So how is your working space look like? 

I'm just curious )


Welcome my second owl GIVEAWAY for my Alexander owl.
If you want to win, come and join my owl Giveaway in a Wonderful  ''Blue Eyed Night Owl''  Laura's blog.
It is international so anyone can join in!

                                                                                                     Winner will be announced on the 19th of June
                                                                                                           Good luck ;)

Monday, June 04, 2012

And the winner is.....

The  winner  of the  Abigail  owl giveaway is...  Blue Eyed Night Owl
Thank you all for joining! I already think about the new   giveaway) So don't run away )