Sunday, June 10, 2012

My messy working space

I always dreaming about organaized working space, and clean it often ( you will never say it from the pic ), but in reality it look like a mess . )))) 
Maby it's only way i can work productively?  
When i start to put  everything on places and sort on boxes and  containers, 
 i can't find anything. 

So how is your working space look like? 

I'm just curious )


  1. It looks like a dogs dinner Olga...there are threads and scraps on the floor, fabric all over the dining table and ironing board.
    I create in chaos, THEN I tidy up. When I'm on a creative roll, I don't have time to fold, sort and put away after I use each just has to wait.
    Mind you I turned the spare bedroom into my sewing why am I using the dining room table? Because this is where the wood heater is, where I can see the mountains and the cows in the paddock. Plus I'm home on my own so it really doesn't matter........

    Claire :}

  2. I like that)Usially when i see pictures of perfect looking sewing or studio rooms in a blogs or intrviews , i guessing - HOW? How they make it)))
    I think its important to clean the place sometimes, but if everything in my table under control,but i know where the things , well, so let it be. Im ok with it)

  3. Haha, I agree! The more you clean, the less you can find. My workspace is looking pretty messy right now too;)

    Yours looks very colorful and cozy though!

  4. I just pin this picture. Great, thanks for sharing