Thursday, June 14, 2012

Progressing Owlomania

While my own handmade owls leaving me and travel to other countries, other owl creations coming  to me  and live in my house.
2 days ago my dear  husband made a surprise for me. And how do you think - what is this?
Of course - it's OWL )))
Lovely   night  lamp on the solar panels, it is charged from the sun by day, and during the night a beautiful owl  gives a magic light, cosiness and relax.



  1. Beautiful! It looks almost like candle light:) And I love your mug too!

    1. Thank you,Laura) I love my mug very much, but dreaming about new bigger mug for the ginger tea) I'm huge fan of ginger this summer)

  2. oh, wow, they are so pretty! Love your owls!