Sunday, September 02, 2012

Our First Anniversary

Today is not just cold and unfriendly weather day.
Today is  our first anniversary with my husband.
This year has flown by very quickly - swiftly. We had a lot of good and a  bad things. Sometimes it seemed that I'm loosing my mind  and everything doesn't happen to me .
But despite all the misunderstandings, I want to say that I love you and you mean a lot to me, my Dear Dear! 
You brought me back to my  real  creative life, you turned all upside down , and I feel   that everything in life is exactly as it should be. 
Have you ever felt that everything that happens to you at the moment  strange, untimely, unusual and hard to understand, but at the same time, it is correct and should be so?
That is our case)
I'm happy that you're here with me...


  1. я не в состоянии набрать много-много нерусских букАв, поэтому мучайся и читай по-русски!!!

    Поздравляю со всем чудесно-замечательным в твоей жизни: и с годовщиной, и с возвращением! Пусть этот старт окажется лишь началом ДОЛГОЙ семейной и творческой счастливой жизни!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Таки не забыла исчо русский-то)))))))))))))))))

    2. ))) хехе , могу, если напрягусь!

  3. Happy anniversary!
    This is the first time I've seen him, I think. You make a lovely couple:)
    I hope you'll have a great day today! Anything special planned?

    1. Thank you so much, laura!
      We had long working day) Unfortunately we had alot of work ,and this day wasnt look too special) but we gonna spend wonderful day tomorrow, out of internet and house

  4. Congratulations on your one year anniversary :)

  5. Congrats on your anniversary, you look great together =)
    hugs from México

  6. Parabéns!! Muitas felicidades para os dois =D

  7. happy anniversary. ours is soon too..15th september and we've been married for 6 six years. you look like a lovely couple <3

  8. Aw! Thank you, Tami! I realized September is a rich month for marriages) All the best for you and your family )

  9. Congratulations! You are an amazingly handsome couple ) I wish you many-many happy years together.

  10. What a sweet couple. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many many more happy years together. xo