Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Owly Mug

I do not collect mugs, but i have quite a few and almost no space left on the shelves for the new cups. 
I have  my total favorites and it is always a problem to choose which one to use at the moment. 
That is why usually on my desktop 2 - 3 cups at once)

Now i'm in trouble, because my beloved Dear Dear husband gave me the new Owly mug. 
How can i choose now?
Not long time ago, on the day when we finally came out  together to celebrate our first anniversary of the wedding, we went to my favorite coffee shop and with the order  i saw the lovely gift bag.
My Dear Dear  saw the Mug, when we have just entered, but did not tell me, and made me a surprise) 
How sweet it is! 

My other one favorite is also a gift from him.  Turquoise mug with  the pair of lovely 

Here the whole company.
1.Big green mug - Best way to start your day.
2. Turquoise mug with the owls
3. Good morning Mug with the Sleepless owl
4. L'aquarium Mug from my Big Love - Barcelona, Spain. I really hope i will move to Barcelona one day)
5. Together Mug with the pair of yellow birds. Gift from my Dad. This Mug i have for years , and  every time I use it, it raises my mood. I'm always amused that the birds on the mug have navels.
 He he. Birds with the  navels. Funny)


  1. Cute story. The turquoise owl mug is my fav!

  2. LOL I got bears on mine... but my fav which I call Saint Graal is blue with an owl :)

  3. That's so sweet of him! And the mug is adorable! I think you have a great collection:D

    And I agree, I switch my mugs up a lot too. Use about 3 on any given day. Guess it's good I drink so much tea then;)

  4. Lovely mugs, and it is wonderful to have such a caring husband!