Saturday, September 15, 2012

My dear hedgehogs

I love animals, all type of animals. Honestly.
Nature is rich in all sorts of beautiful, interesting creatures.
And hedgehog a is  one of the loveliest ones. 
Hedgehogs are usually associated with children' stories, due to their cuteness and interesting behavior .
Many people think that hedgehogs - cute creatures that feed on fruit and apples. But in fact, hedgehogs mostly   eat the eggs and baby birds , frogs  and worms, insects.  Lovely image of a hedgehog in  children's books with an apple on a thorns - a myth. With apples or other things  hedgehogs  clean their spines, and not collected  fruits for the winter.

My hedgehogs spines are made of soft fur and they do not injure anyone.
This  hedgehogs are friendly and nice, they do not eat nobody, they like watermelon, tomatoes and grapes)





  1. I love Yoshi :) My Husband is jealous ;)

  2. Wonderful post! And I love your vegetarian hedgehogs;)
    That last one is probably my favorite. It really has those hedgehog-colors and textures!