Monday, July 16, 2012

My simple tools

Today i will show you my sewing  tools list. This is not full actual tools list, but things i usially have around and i really like) Plus i just love this photo and wanted to share it with you)

1. One of my  owls sitting with me, while im working. ( Here you can see my beloved Alan owl, who is already living with his  new Mom )
2. Organizer and small notebook. I have them alot. Trying to orginize myself but unfortunately not yet).
3. Apple and orange. Im vegetarian and like to bite something juicy while working.
4. Needle cushion.
5. Ribbon,lace, tape palette.
6.Vintage bobbin of high strenght thread.
7. Mashine needles case. I sew with my grandgrandmas Zinger machine. She giving me lots of vintage mood and inspiration.
8. Pin cushion .
9. Pigeon magnet from my dreamland ''countrywhereiwannalive'' Spain.
10. Crocheted doily for decorating owl chests.
11. Origami stars. I use them everywhere, for example in photo shoots of my toys.
12. Big  scissors for fabric . Without them im like without hands.
13. little scissors from Toledo Spain. They are just perfect - small , sharp and from my beloved Spain )
14. Punch rippers . 
15. Tailor measure tape.
16. Box for machine spools.
17. Plastic  ore metal rings for lingerie ( i use them for making owls eyes).
18.  Face lacy pattern for a little owls. 
19. Bamboo stick helps to fill  soft toys.
20. Vintage spools with my favourite green tones threads.
21. Vintage buttons for toys eyes or hands and legs fixing.

And what is your crafting tools?

Write on my email:
and send your photos ( and description if you like)
I want to make post with my friends crafters tools)

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  1. Lovely post! Great to see all your tools and things. And that owl is stunning!

    I need to clean up first haha, but maybe I will take a picture of my supplies as well;)