Sunday, July 15, 2012

Little visitor

Do you remember soft postal pigeons in my Etsy shop.

 While my soft pigeons fly away from me, this young real  pigeon unexpectedly came to me.

This morning on a walk with the dogs, I found a nice young pigeon, it could not fly, it probably damaged the wing. He did not fear me, and was not scared, but he looked lost. He have  a ring with a number on his leg and I'm searching in iternet and trying to find out  who is his owner. 
For now pigeon  lives on my balcony and I hope he will get better soon and can fly again.


  1. Aw, he looks really cute! What happened later? Did you find an owner? I hope he got better!

  2. Hi, I'd love to know too if you found where the little pigeon came for, or did he get better and fly away? Let us know! I gather you're on holidays for the moment, hope you're having a great time :)
    Sheshanna from Pieceunique (

    1. I consulted with a friend veterinarian and she did not find anything extraordinary bad in the pigeon . Pigeon ate and drank, was friendly and not too scared. But next morning a little poor creature was dead. It's sad ...It's make me feel so bad!(
      But I'm happy that the dogs or cats does not eat it, or he wasnt crushed by car, he died himself....
      I buried him under the beautiful trees. Sleep in peace little bird.