Sunday, October 28, 2012

Guess who is Featured seller on Etsy this days

Guess who is Featured seller on Etsy this days) 
Yay! That is me) Sincerely yours Olga Wassupbrothers

You can read full Etsy article here

This feature is really wonderful and unexpected present   almost for my birthday at 31 october) 
A year ago I could not even imagine that  i  end up on the main page of Etsy and stuck there for a few days  in the same  list with the remarkable sellers, crafters  and shops!
1 year ago i didnt even create my first owl and list it  on Etsy,  It was later  in the last days of november.

My dear friends, thank you  so much for all your support  and for the sweet comments on my interview! It means alot to me.


  1. Congrats and you do deserv it! Your creations are just gorgeous, I am so happy I came to know you!


  2. I just saw this on Etsy! Congrats to you! What an awesome achievement :]

  3. Ни чего себе! Я аж подпрыгнула на стуле))))))))))))))))))))))))) Очень за тебя рада!!!

    ЗЫ. У меня окончательно разрушился мозг пока я дочитала статью до конца - слишком много нерусских буков))))))))))

    И исчо: та фотографиях ты стала другой - красота элегантная и умиротворённая.... Классно.... Таки нашла себя???

  4. Oooh dear Olga, you deserve it so much! Such wonderful news :) I'm gonna read the interview NOW!

  5. Congrats! You deserve it! Your work is beautiful.

  6. That's fantastic! Congratulations!