Sunday, November 04, 2012

Fly away from the nest

This week my Most Favorite Wassupbrothers family members began to travel to their new homes in US.
Turquoise owl, Brian owl, Olivier prince owl, Nordic owl

It is always not easy  when they fly away, especially if they lived with you for some time.
If I had just made them  it is easier to let them  go .
Have a nice flight, cuties! Take good care of yourself!

My other loving ones moved to their new home in Australia.Sunshine Lion and Naranja owl.


  1. That must be really hard indeed. I always have a tough time parting with things I make too. Thankfully I make things that I can reproduce easily.

    But on the other hand you can be certain those people will be very pleased with their new fuzzy friends! These are beautiful. And I love the heart eyes of the lion<3

  2. Oh my goodness Olga I totally feel your pain. I'm sure your owls, like mine, have souls and it's hard to part with your babies!!!