Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Black cat

  Do you believe in good or bad omens(signs). In Russia , as in many other countries, people believe that if your path will be crossed with the black cat - is not for good. Some people really have  black cats fobia. 
 I don't believe it. 
I believe only in good signs, what-ever they might be
Today on the way to the post office is not a cat, but I crossed the path of a black cat. And the expression on the cat's face was like " Oh MY! It is a human creation crossed my way. What to do! The cat stopped, sat down, and probably decided that day anyway, spoiled and better not going anywhere.
 When I came back from the post office in a few hours - the cat was still sitting there with ''my life is over'' look )
He he) 

Photos taken from endless  Internet


  1. omg, such cute photos! I agree with you, any cat is a good sign :3

  2. it's the same belief about black cats here in Greece too but I don't believe it either! poor black kitty you jinxed her day hehe :-)

  3. Great story:-)) maybe this black cat just wait for you to say "hello again Olga" -))

  4. I love black kitties (well, all cats, really)! I know some people have that superstition here too, and it's silly! :)

  5. I'm not superstitious either. I own a black kitty, and I think she's brought me good luck ;)
    Cute cat pictures!!