Sunday, October 07, 2012

My little treasuries

Some time ago i received wonderful package from my dear blogofriend Laura BlueEyedNightOwl, package full of surprises and presents.
I opened little  envelopes one by one and it was like an early Christmas) 
My little owly creatures was so curious who is this new person)  
And just arrived owl was a little confused  from  all this attention)

Not only owls was curious, our dogs was very interested what is going on. 
Zaichic wanted to try everything i ve got.

And of course our second dog - Tango was next to him)

The fragrance of the wonderful herbal  tea which Laura sent me, permeated all around in the package . 
I can smell it for hours) I love herbal and spicy aroma. So natural!

And here is the owl number 2. Can you imagine - this  owl is a nail file)

Look at this  tiny Totoro! Oh, how i love this film, and all the Ghibli studio stuff!


Benjamin little owl  tries to unravel what  this thing for.....

 Oh i see) It is an apple! And  i can  write on  this little  apple slices . Not everyone can write on apple slices)
How lucky i am) 
 A fabric wooden stamp from India

And in the end i open envelope with the wonderful Owl Bow Brooch in Moss Green, made by Laura. I Love this color so much, i love all shades of green, but this one just perfect and can go with everything!
In Laura Etsy shop you can find  nature inspired brooshes, bookmarks, and little  accessories made with love , and the prices is SO friendly! 


  1. ooooh, what a wonderful package! I love all the little owl items, that owl keychain is adorable!

  2. I'm glad you liked everything:D
    And I just love that picture with all your owls looking at that small owl!

    1. Thank you so much, laura) This owly guy is really awesome) So cute)