Monday, May 14, 2012

Rabbit of my heart. Begining

Today I sent the Rabbit  for a new owner in Texas. It is sad but im happy for him) Hope he will get great home ) 
I put a soft carrot in his  package, and now he has something to chew on the journey .

The most interesting thing about him -  he is my very first soft creation. It's all began from him. Of course i ve made stuffed toys  and dolls  before, time to time ,for presents , for friends.  But when the  rabbit  was born in 2009,  i realized that i want to create more and more, and really love to make my little friends , but later after some time,  my feeling died down, and i was focused in other things in life. 
At the end of  November 2011 my imaginary creatures began jump out of my head and i create my first owl.    
Here he is.  Daddy owl )

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