Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fly fly away. My first giveaway

                                                          So lets get started !

                                  This giveaway is for  my sweet Abigail - little owl.                   

 This little precious baby  made by me from the  vintage and   recycled materials. She have little ceramic button on her green bow.  She have movable wings, fixed with the buttons.   

                                                           Start date: may 16th
                                                           End date:   june 2th
                                                     Winner Announced: june 4th

                                                                    How it works:

-  Follow this blog. If you don't have a blogger or google  account you can subscribe via email! Go to the right  hand column of this blog. ( 1 entry)

-  Like my Facebook Page here (1 entry)

-  Share on Facebook  ( 1 entry)

-  Follow Me On Pinterest here (1 entry)

- Tweet this Post (1 entry)

-  Reblog this giveaway post on your blog   (3 entries)

-  Email this to a friend  (1 entry)

-  Let me know how many entries you scored in one single comment. Saves the both of us lots of time 
- And don't forget to leave a way to contact you in case you win!

Good luck everyone!


  1. Hi Olga!
    Love your owls.. sooo cute!! I have entered 6 times by doing the things above! You can find me on FB - The Virgin Rose :)
    I'm having a give away too!!! xxxx

  2. Hi Olga!! Adore your owly, so thankful that The Virgin Rose sent me your way! I am a new blog follower, Facebook fan (Leila Hijazi), and now follow you on Pinterest. Thanks so much for the opportunity!


  3. Amazing! Thanks so much for doing this:) I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

    - I follow

    - I liked

    - I shared

    - I follow on Pinterest

    -I tweeted


  4. So cute!!!! I love owls! Subscribed via email to blog, liked FB page, shared on FB, followed on Pintrest, have tweeted....with a total of 6 entrys!

  5. It's very beautiful owl))) I follow you everywhere and everytime (I'm behind you watching))))))))))


  6. Hi Olga, thanks for following my blog - i'm so glad you did otherwise I wouldn't know about this! I have done 2 entries: followed your blog and Pinterest. Nice to meet you :)

  7. Hello Olga its Telah from HeartFeltDesign. So glad you are a part of our stuffed Team on Etsy. Your owls are amazing. I have done four entries.

  8. Cute little owl! We followed you on Piterest.

  9. Hi Olga....four entries here!
    Always admired your owls from the team creative! Shared on FB, Twitter, liked and followed on Pinterest! Thanks and good luck!

  10. Lovely little Owl, appears as though he's ready to dance! I found your blog in the Etsy "Crazy Advertisers Team" and now you've a new follower. I hope you'll stop by any one of my 3 blogs for a visit. Cheers!

  11. Hi Olga! I've been a fan of your cute owls from your etsy shop.
    But now my score is
    Twitted the post 1
    Liked your FB page 1
    Followed you on pinterest 1

    3 in total!

    Good luck everyone!

    Cheers from Elifus Jewelry

  12. The lovely giveaway <3
    I shared on FB & Google+ & I will tweet it.
    Hope it will bring you a lot of beautiful things ;)

  13. Hello my lovely I already liked you on fb, so I'm not sure if that counts.

    I entered 8 other times and posted on my fb art page as well as my personal page.

    I love your work, I've already told a few people about you. I hope you are very successful with your wonderful designs.

    Have a lovely day xx faerie xx

  14. I LOVE your owls! I would be thrilled to win! I am following your blog now, tweeted, and fb shared. :0) yay- 3 chances!
    See you soon! Love your shop! -The Red Tin ( Katie)

  15. Hi Olga...what a lovely giveaway. i <3 your owls.
    i followed your blog, liked you on facebook, followed you on pinterest, tweeted this giveaway on twitter and emailed it to a friend.
    You can contact me via thesprout@btinternetdotcom or via my etsy shop

    I've also just launched my blog and very first giveaway - here it is:

    good luck everyone!


    Good luck everyone!

  16. Cute! I liked you on facebook and I'm following your pins. Such lovely pieces!


  17. such a lovely little owl!!
    ~liked on facebook
    ~follow blog on bloglovin
    ~following pins on pinterest

  18. Hey Olga,
    I do adore your sweet little owls!
    I have enterend 6 times by doing the above things.
    Here's my blog
    & facebook
    Also emailed this to my cousin who will love your owls!
    You can email me at

  19. Whee!! I score 5. Everything but the blog (I don't have one...gasp!)

    Good luck to all!! Such a cute little owl!

  20. Hi Olga!
    joyned the blog :)
    Liked the FB Page :)
    Shared the FB page (ioana stefaroi)
    Followed on Pinterest

  21. Oh my goodness! I am so in love with your owls. They are so gorgeous! Liked you on Facebook, followed you on pinterest and tweeted.

  22. Such a sweet owl!
    I'm a follower :)

  23. I follow your blog, too--love the owl!

  24. Hey Olga, have just found you via My Owl Barn and I am now your latest follower...

    Love your owls they are so sweet, thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway...

    Claire :}

  25. Have a wonderful week everyone! Thanks for joining )Nice to see you here!
    The winner will be announced on june 4th.

  26. How did I miss this?! Oh well, i already have Olivia, I suppose everyone else deserves a chance at your little lovely owls!

    Btw, Olivia is loving Canada!

  27. Awwww) I know she is in good hands)