Monday, October 13, 2014

Swap the buttons, make handmade


                       I alologize for the delay my wonderful people.
 My dad's 60th birthday celebration, preparation and guests made me super busy, so i paired participants only now.

Participants pairs:

Kiza Moore - Tatiana
Amanda - Anwen Humblehome
Mihalela Suciu - Roseanne Kibblewhite 
Denise Russel - Olga ( me ) Wassupbrothers

 please contact me via email:   , i don't have your email and cant contact you. If you still interested in a swap  , please contact me asap.

Once you receive your partner email, please feel free to contact them.  
You can share preferences about buttons , colors, etc ,  if you wish.
Once you know who you are sending it too, it will need to be sent  by  November 10 

Lots of time so you don't need to panic!

I reminding you the ''rules'':

* The swap is worldwide, so please, be ready to post internationlaly

* Send at least 10 buttons, send a mixture of different buttons.
* Be nice and don't send broken buttons, the buttons  should be useful.
 Send something what you will be happy to receive yourself.
* The buttons can be both vintage  and handmade, they can be plastic, glass, wooden, covered with the fabric, no any limits.... :)

*  send  at least 10 different  fabric scraps  not smaller than 15 x 15  cm ( 6 x 6 inches) 
* scraps can be any kind , vintage, new, cotton, corduroy, lace, etc

* Express yourself, do it in any technics, make it beautiful and useful :)
It's can be very simple, but made by you!

* And the last important rule: Don't stress yourself much, Have fun choosing and making beautiful pieces   for your swap partner :)
This is not a competition, this is pure inspiration.
* If you want to add some extra  surprises to your swap package, go on :) 

Happy crafting, everyone :)

P.S If you didn't saw info about my swap before , and want to participate, contact me asap  via

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