Saturday, September 07, 2013

Swap the buttons

   Participants pairs:
 Amanda - Fern
                                                                     Olga ( me )Diana Phillips
                                                                               Lizette - Mirta
Zane Sproģe - Elisse
                                                          Alejandra López Domínguez - Olga (me)

Once you receive your partner email, please feel free to contact them.  
You can share preferences about buttons types if you wish.
Once you know who you are sending it too, it will need to be sent  
by the 27 of September 
Lots of time so you don't need to panic!

I reminding you the ''rules'':

* Send at least 10 buttons!
* Send a mixture of different buttons, not all the same
* Be nice and don't send broken buttons, the buttons  should be useful. Send something what you will be happy to receive yourself.
* The buttons can be both vintage  and handmade, they can be plastic, glass, wooden, covered with the fabric, no any limits.... :)
* And the last important '' rule''  : Don't stress yourself much, Have fun choosing and making buttons  for your swap partner :)
* If you want to add some extra  surprises to your swap package, go on :) 


  1. This is a very cute idea. It reminds me of The Hobbit, when Gandalf got upset with Bilbo for shooing him away as if he was "selling buttons at the door". I hope it all goes well!

  2. Yay, I'm excited to finding some gorgeous buttons in my mail! And of course, to prepare a little package for my partner!