Thursday, September 19, 2013

Owlsome video by James Owlsome

Oh my oh my! James Owlsome from England made an amazing sweet and funny video showing his freshly received owl by Wassupbrothers.
James , you are truly OWLSOME! Thank you So So much!
I watched it all day long , what a great work )


  1. That was wonderful! I love how it started as a typical "unboxing" video, but ended in such a lovely creative video. And you could really see he was very happy with. Everyone always is of course -I know I am- when they open a package you sent, but it must be great to actually see someone's face when they see their creature for the first time:)

    1. Thank you, Laura) t was so exciting to watch this video fist time) I coudnt even guess that i will see the music video in the second part )