Saturday, May 25, 2013


For those who know the entire story , our dog's Tango broken jaw heals quickly , and he feels well. Yesterday I stopped to make an injections to him. Today for the first time since may 9, I gave him his meals in usual type, like before, but not crushing it in a blender to puree, like this days. He was so happy and could not believe that all is getting well as before.
Before meal today, he looks at me, inevitably, waiting that i , as usual these weeks ,will make him the meds injections. But I do not, and he was surprised, he could not believe it, and walking around, looking at my eyes:'' 'What? are you seriously? no injections? Hooray!!''

Thank you for your support, my wonderful people!
Wishing health and all the best to you and your four-legged friends

Well, like my dog, I also began to feel better last week.
When in mid-April, after more than two months of severe pain in my leg and back, my sister persuaded me to go to the doctor, I found out that I have two spinal disc herniations, i panicked .
I always thought that I have good health. I'm vegan since 2009, sometimes make exercises and yoga, but in fact ,most of my time i spending on my butts around sewing machine or computer, and i gained extra weight again, drunk too much strong tea and sometimes coffee , and my sleep was not enough.
I thought I can always get in shape when I have time.
When i realized i have this spine problem, i spent our last money for manual therapist, who do not particularly helps.
I went to the other end of town to the therapist and more tired from the trip, than feel the benefit of therapy. Then the money ran out, the therapy ended with them.
I do not like doctors and medicine, I do not believe in pills and strong medicaments.

After the owner of another dog hit my dog on the street and broke my dog's jaw few weeks ago , I looked up from my problems and my panic changed to confidence that i can heal myself without help of doctors and medicines, like i used before.
My husband recently told me - that is the best in the world, for free. Well ,why I forgot about it?

During Last 2 weeks i go back to my raw food, drinking lots of water, sleeping at night, making exercises for make my back stronger, and feel myself MUCH better.

I work very slowly, or sometimes not at all.
My dear customers, i apologize for that. Now when i start feeling better, i hope to make all the custom and my own creatures, which i have on my head.

Stay crafty , healthy and positive my wonderful people!

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