Monday, May 20, 2013

2 years ago...

May 20, 2 years ago, I met my best friend and my love, I met my husband Igor .He burst into my life suddenly, turning everything upside down and I am very grateful to him for that. Now is not the easiest times for us, and often nerves going wild and we are not sparing each other, throwing out the negativity and problems for each other, but I am infinitely happy that we are together. We are getting better together.
Darling, I love you. You are a very bright, honest, loving, kind, sensitive, talented person. I'm glad that I met you that beautiful Sunny day


  1. Аж, прослезилась)))

    Целуй Хасбенда в его уста сахарные (да, и вообще... целуй... куда воспитание позволит))))))))))))))) Поздравляю вас с вашей годовщиной! Счастья вам обоим!
    Берегите друг друга :-*

    1. Спасибо, дорогуша!!!Побежала обцеловывать!