Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Little owls in Washington

Yay!  How i love to receive ''Hi'' from my creatures in their new home!
Few days ago i received Wonderful photos of my  little owls from my dear customer from Washington, USA.  Thank you for the lovely photos, Tory!

Look, what she wrote: "My 3 little lovely owls wanted to go outside to play & explore their new home!  I adore all 3 of them so much! They are really loving their new home in WA! Thank you for making such lovely little creatures!

I wanted to show you how happy they are here in Blaine, Washington.
 Here we are at the Peace Arch. "
"The Peace Arch is a monument situated on the Canada - USA border between the communities of Blaine, Washington USA and Surrey, British Columbia Canada."

Thank you so much, Tory! Its so sweet to know that my creations has arrived safe  and they are in loving hands)


  1. your little owls are really the cutest little creatures i've ever seen!