Thursday, January 24, 2013

Edgar owl portrait

Yay! Can you imagine! This wonderful portrait of my Edgar and little prince moving to me in the mail now. This artwork made by eternally talented Amelia from Inameliart:
My dear Edgar owl and little prince was lost in the mail some time ago and i wanted to have a portrait of them)

 While Edgar painting moving to me, Amelia sent me photo of the artwork) Thank you so much, Amelia

 Edgar owl and prince owl photos made by my husband Igor ( MystHive )


  1. Hi HI good work;-))
    and tomorrow maybe the next one!!

  2. Aw, sorry they were lost! : ( This is a great painting of them!

  3. Wow, that is beautiful! I love how they look so real, yet are still clearly a painting. Wonderful:)

    P.S. I didn't forget about your email! Will message you tomorrow.