Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year my dear friends!
Thank you so much for all your support in 2012.
It means alot to me! This year wasnt easy but it was amazing adventure! So productive and creative year , i cant even dream about it year ago)

Few days ago  I was on meeting with a store owner about the selling of my toys in their store. Everything was really nice. He even bought one of my owls! And when i came back home, what i see? My dear customers bought a bunch of my little creatures in my Etsy shop) And one of my Bennie hedgehogs was just purchased too! 

Yay! I wished to have 100 sales till New Year last  year and i  have 129 sales.
Well.  I wanted to survive in 2012 Apocalypse and we are all alive)
I almost have 2000 likers on Facebook and almost 300 readers on my blog for the 2012 year! 
I still cant beleive it )
Now i just wish PayPal will start work fully in Russia and we will not have problems with withdraw money from the system, which we all have in Russia now. That is one of my big wishes for 2013 Year!

All the best wishes from snowy Russia and Wassupbrothers family!

Let 2013 Year will be special and wonderful for all of you!
Happy Holidays , my wonderful people! Stay crafty and positive! Much Love!

And what is your big wishes and goals for the 2013?

Photos by Igor Zamyatin aka ( Mysthive)


  1. You deserve it Olga, every single bit of it :) Ennjoy 2013 and let it be an even greater way for you and your business!

    1. Thank you, Elisse! All the best wishes in new 2013 year) Stay awesome ;)