Saturday, September 20, 2014

Handmade crafty scrappy swap

I organized buttons swap a year ago, And it was fun and inspirational.
I think it is time to make another one :)

This time it will be not just a buttons swap but handmade scrappy crafty swap :)
We will swap :
- the buttons,
- fabric scraps
- and handmade pincushion ( made by you) yes yes, let's make each other happy with the handmade goodies :)

So if you want to participate in a buttons swap, here is the  rules:
* The swap is worldwide, so please, be ready to post internationlaly

* Send at least 10 buttons, send a mixture of different buttons, not all the same
* Be nice and don't send broken buttons, the buttons  should be useful. Send something what you will be happy to receive yourself.
* The buttons can be both vintage  and handmade, they can be plastic, glass, wooden, covered with the fabric, no any limits.... :)

*  send  at least 10 different  fabric scraps  not smaller than 15 x 15  cm ( 6 x 6 inches) 
* scraps can be any kind , vintage, new, cotton, corduroy, lace, etc

* Express yourself, do it in any technics, make it beautiful and useful :)
It is can be very simple, but made by you!

Here some pinspiration  from Pinterest :

* Leave your name in the comments below and email me  with your email address if you would like to join. I will then contact you to give your details of your partner.  
* And the last important rule: Don't stress yourself much, Have fun choosing and making beautiful pieces   for your swap partner :)
This is not a competition, this is pure inspiration.
Sign ups are open from September 21 to  October 5
 I will match up partners by October  10, and  then i will  email you with   your partner name. 
 Once you receive your partner, please feel free to contact them.  You can share preferences about buttons , colors, etc ,  if you wish.
Once you know who you are sending it too, it will need to be sent  by  November 10 

Lots of time so you don't need to panic!

Yay! Cant wait to see who will be my swap partner :)

Feel free to tell your friends,  about this swap!


  1. Last year I took a part in your button swap and it was so great! This year I would love to join as well, but I am afraid, I should send out packages to other swap partners before I jump in the next swap... Hopefully I will manage to send out all my delayed mail so that I could still join to this project!
    Thanks for organizing!

    1. Dear Zane, the package need to be sent by November 10 ,so there some time to prepare , of course i will be happy if you join :) But if not, there will be other swaps :) Happy mail and happy autumn!

  2. И меня запиши :))) Ах, пуговки-пуговки...

  3. Replies
    1. Dear Cortney, please email me to with your email address if you would like to join. I need it to later contact you to give your details of your swap partner.

  4. Add me, please and thank you.

    1. You are in the list :) Thank you for joining us, Amanda !