Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Owl of my dreams

Yesterday i received  the box from Hong Kong with the best owl ever made by wonderful Gina from Catsx 
I am happy to own Mr Independent cat made by her( I wrote about him here), and now this lovely sleeping owl living with us to.
Dear Gina, Thank you for your wonderful work, this owl is absolutely alive and i always waiting when she will open her eyes :)
Welcome owly cuteness)

 Now Gina  is on vacation  and  her Etsy shop  closed,  but  it will be re-open in August 2013. 
Come back that time and you can find there different needle felted wonderful creations or order something custom.

Here is the  full story of receiving this parcel :)

Yesterday was an awful and long  day . 
Right before the post office, I stumbled and hit everything I could. I'm glad that i didnt break the dress, and the bruises will l disappear soon.  I dont know how my nose stayed alive :)
 In the post office i  stand on the line for usual 1 hour ,then the new girl in my window worked so slowly and with the look on the face- i'm princess, what am i doing here. She didnt even know how to send parcels abroad and the manager was out to smoke and didnt helped her. The girl said- wherever, then i will send it anyhow, and start making EVERYTHING wrong. Then first time for all the years i used this  post office i shouted at the girl, and said - give me everything back i will send it when the other girl gonna work. And the second  postal girl run to us and make everything fast and ok.  Thanks to her. Because at first she too  acted diva  and dont wanted to help to the new girl. 
I guess there was some kind of geomagnetic storms that day, because everything get wrong and strange and we had strong rain with the ice and storm  that day. 

And first time in my life i forgot my received parcel at the post office. I opened box with the owl straight at the post office, and was absolutely charming by her.  After that i was in parcels sending process and my head just got crazy.  I   realised that i dont have box in my bag  only after 2 hours.I was already far from post office and coudnt came back there  before they will close. I start calling to my dad and husband to find the postal office's phone number in internet. I dont have access for it in my simple Nokia . Then i started to call to the post office. Finally they answered and they said - they will search for my parcel and ask to call after 10 minutes. When i called again, they said they so sorry but they  didnt find anything. So i thought, somebody just took it.  I was so crazy about that and so angry for myself.   My dear husband  decided to check the area around  the post office anyway, maby somebody took the box ,didnt find anything interesting and throwed it away . My husband  checked all the garbage places, all the corners around. Finally he went to post office.  And what you think! The parcel was on the table, safe and sound ,in the center of the table in the center of the office, where i forgot her. It was impossible to not find her!
The postal ''ladies'' dont even searched for it.....
I'm very, very upset. At the time when all the saying how terrible is the Russian Post I saying that things are not so bad , and my post office is ok, and people working good there.
They have upset me.
And i feel bad formyself, i shouldnt shouted at the girl wherever what , i gonna work with this office for long and its not good to throw negative to others.
I'm happy that the owl is here with me and everything have the happy end :)

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