Monday, July 29, 2013

Jimmy owl moving through the Moscow night to the morning

My husband have his own little Wassupbrothers owly friend.
And he almost always takes Jimmy owl  with him when he goes to photo sessions.

Photos by my dear husband Igor Zamyatin ( MystHive)

Here is what he said about this photo story:

''Once ,completely once. Just a moment ago. A couple of hours ago . And maybe not a couple , but more. Little owl walked around the city with me.
Moreover, he was interested in absolutely everything.
How burning the lights of colorful mosaics of large owlybuildings on the waterfront.
How a multi-ton buzzing Boas -trains hurtling through huge, like a river, paths here and there.
How buzzing bikers on their owlybikes ‘’ Vzhvzhvzhzhzhzhz…’’
like a hedgehog little Jimmy owl climbed and explored the night Sovngard-Moscow.
I certainly was there, and I was wondering, what is interesting to owl.
Unfortunately we do not always have something that can show us the other side that reflects us when we were the smallest big explorers of the world! But this time it was just the opposite. Yes!! And it is in this album . Hurry hurry. Look look!''