Friday, February 21, 2014

Linn Warme + Wassupbrothers Double Love Giveaway

Here in Moscow is still freezy but alomost no snow in the street  and everything shout for Spring. It is the best time for the Love,  for birds and the Giveaway!

I am so  happy that this time I was joined by Linn  from LinnWarme
Linn   is a talented illustrator from Gothenburg, Sweden, i wrote about her here

She giving away wonderful double love bird brooches. So sweet of her!
You can  wear both of them on your collar or you can share one with a loved one.
In this double love bird brooches set, you will receive two lovely birds, facing each other, as shown in the pictures.

 These bird brooches are cute accessories for both men and women! 

 From my side i giving away  one of  Wassupbrothers Love pigeons

 The winner will get both prizes: Wassupbrothers  soft love pigeon and LinnWarme double love bird brooches.


 How to win the birds ? We have  lots of entries:

1.   Be  or become a follower of Linn blog  and Wassupbrothers via any of this ways: bloglovin, blogger, google or email

2.  Like  Linn Warme page  and  Wassupbrothers page on Facebook

3.  Follow   Linn Warme  and  Wassupbrothers  Pinterest 
4. Like  LinnWarme and   Wassupbrothers  Etsy shops,
5. Visit  both shops, and write in your comment, what is your most favorite items in our shops.

6.  If you have a blog,post on the sidebar of your blog picture of the giveaway  with an active link, or make a separate post. 

Here is the button :

All the other  shares ( Twitter, Facebok, etc) are welcome :)
Please write  your  entries  in one single comment 
and dont forget to leave  your contacts, so i can find you  in case  you win.
If you have problems with commenting here in blog , comment here on my Facebook page.
The winner will be randomly selected  at 15th of Marсh  2014
Giveaway is worldwide , so anyone can enter.

Good luck everyone! Happy Spring!


  1. Hello!
    I'm a follower at Blogger platform. The picture of your amazing giveaway is at my page ( at a subpage - giveaway.
    The thing I like most in your shop is...Purple Marco Owl. It's has my favourite colours, cute pattern and I'm totally in love with owls.
    From Linn Warme etsy shop, hm...let me think, oh wait, it's so easy --> Purple Christmas Rose Flower Brooch. Why? Because it's also purple, it has a flower theme and lately I'm wearing lot's of brooches.
    I wish myself luck :)

  2. Following on Pinterest with:
    On Tumblr with:
    On Etsy with:
    Loving: Fox Brooch - Sleeping in Flowers & Animal Symmetry Brooch - Deer Shrink Plastic Jewelry
    Owls couple, pair of horned wise owl friends , soft art toy creature owl bird by Wassupbrothers ,anniversary wedding gift, made to order

  3. I like both on facebook, karen scammell
    twannywun at hotmail dot com

  4. What a great giveaway for a birdlover like me! I follow your blog and Pinterest and Linn’s blog and Pinterest. I liked both the facebook pages. I really like Ella the Owl from your shop and I love the Flying Love Birds Brooch from Linn’s shop. Hope I make a chance to win this beautiful giveaway :)

  5. I liked Linn's Facebook page. My favorite in Olga's shop is Prince Gustav. I love him! My favorite in Linn's shop is the bird on the branch. xoxo

  6. following you on bloglovin: katrinao
    both on pinterest: katieo2500
    liked on facebook: katie skeoch

    have visited both shops and love Henry deer & the fox brooch xx

  7. I love the Pink Poppy Flower Stud Earrings from linnwarme and Bennie the hedgehog from wassupbrothers!

  8. I am following both (on GFC & Feedly) Susan D Crochet Adddict UK susand1408 at gmail dot com
    Liked both on Facebook Crochet AddictUK
    Followed both on Pinterest Crochet AddictUK
    Favortied both on Etsy (susand1408) Susan Dougill
    Love - &

  9. I am following both your blogs on bloglovin.
    Liked both facebook pages.
    My favorite from Linn's shop is the deer brooch and from yours is Poline the bunny.

    Yay! such a cool giveaway, fingers crossed :-)
    Aleka from FishesMakeWishes {fishesmakewishes(at)gmail(dot)com}

  10. Hi, I liked both facebook pages. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. 1. I follow both blogs via bloglovin as dalemackey7
    2. I like Linn Warme page and Wassupbrothers page on Facebook
    3. I follow Linn Warme and Wassupbrothers Pinterest as mackeyda

    4. I like LinnWarme and Wassupbrothers Etsy shops as dalesfried pies
    5. Fav from Linn:
    Fav from wassupbrothers:

  12. I like both on Facebook.
    Joyce Ackley

  13. Following on Google Friends Connect [ Kymberly Pray ]
    Favorited on Etsy: wassupbrothers [ WildersKid ]
    Favorited on Etsy: linnwarme [ WildersKid ]
    Liked on Facebook: Linn Warme [ Kymberly Pray ]
    Liked on Facebook: Wassupbrothers [ Kymberly Pray ]
    Following on Pinterest: Linn Warme [ Kymberly Pray ]
    Following oon Pinterest: Wassupbrothers [ Kymberly Pray ]

    I tweeted about the giveaway [ @berlygirlmaui ]

    My favorite item in the Linn Warme Etsy shop are the Yellow Spring Flower stud earrings. They are so cheery, and with spring just around the corner, perfect for everyday wear. I could see wearing them with practically everything I own.

    My favorite item in the Wassupbrothers Etsy shop is Cubert the Hedgehog. I have never seen a real hedgehog, but this one looks like he has an adventurous personality. He and I could have great fun together.

  14. Almost forgot my email:

  15. favorited your etsy shops! So cute

  16. I'm a follower of Linn blog and Wassupbrothers via bloglovin
    I Like Linn Warme page and Wassupbrothers page on Facebook
    I Follow Linn Warme and Wassupbrothers Pinterest
    I Like LinnWarme and Wassupbrothers Etsy shops
    My favorite items in your shops:

  17. Like LinnWarme and Wassupbrothers Etsy shops - Mary Preston

    My favorites:


  18. These are adorable!! 1)I am following on GFC as Olivia Beaumont. 2) Following both on FB as Olivia Beaumont. 3) I am following both on Pinterest as Olivia Beaumont. 4) I favorite both shops on ETSY as BeaumontStudio. 5) I love Bennie the hedgehog. I would wear the double love bird brooches. I tweeted about this giveaway as @BeaumontStudio. Thanks for this! OLIVIABEAUMONTART@GMAIL.COM

  19. What a delightful giveaway!
    I am following you lovely ladies everywhere now. :) Olga, as you already know I am a big fan of your beautiful creatures. If I have to pick my new favourite in your shop, I would say
    I am smitten by Linn's work too :
    Thank you for this generous give away! <3

  20. I follow you ladies on bloglovin, facebook, pinterest and etsy! My favorites in your adorable shops are and

    underwater at aquariann dot com

  21. I like you both on facebook, google, pinterest and etsy! I love Fur fur snow owl and Fox brooch!! That is 5 entries and thank you for the chance of winning this lovely prize. Looking forward to seeing your art on all these sites :)

  22. I follow both blogs
    I follow both on FB April Crisafulli
    I follow both on Pinterest
    I follow both etsy shops
    I love the Animal Symmetry Brooch - Deer Shrink Plastic Jewelry and the Poline - Little Bunny with hand embroidered face
    I shared on G+
    I tweeted

    April C.

  23. 1. I follow of Linn blog through Tumblr, mine :
    I follow Wassupbrothers via bloglovin and GFC
    GFC : Ria Alemina Ginting Manik
    Bloglovin : Ria Alemina Ginting Manik (
    2. Done Like Linn Warme page and Wassupbrothers page on Facebook.
    Facebook name : Ria Alemina
    3. I Follow Linn Warme and Wassupbrothers Pinterest
    Pinterest : Ria Alemina Ginting (
    4. Done Like LinnWarme and Wassupbrothers Etsy shops.
    Mine :
    5. Jefferson Owl is my favorite item from wassupbrothers etsy shop. I love owl! =D
    Double brooches With birds on a branch is my favorite item from linnwarme etsy shop
    6. I share on facebook

    Email :

    Thank you to both of you for this beautiful giveaway! Best luck for me so i can be lucky and win! LOL

  24. I followed you both on Pinterest. Email: cmitchell312 [at] gmail [dot] com

  25. I follow both pages on FB as Deborah Davey.
    My fave item from Linn Warme:
    Fave item from wassup brothers:

  26. yen morales

    i followed wassupbrothers thru gfc: kehrin morales
    i followed linn blog thru tumblr: yenmorales1981
    pinterest: yen morales
    fb name: yen morales
    etsy: yenmorales1981

  27. Liked both FB's-Holly Strother
    Followed both on pinterest:
    Favorited on etsy: holzcore

  28. I liked you both on FB, followed you on pinterest and liked your shops.
    My favorite wassupbrothers item is the grumpy cat, and my favorite linnwarme item is the Flying Love Birds brooches.
    My email:

  29. Hello, thanks for the chance to win. ;) I did everything but the pinterest since I don't have one.

  30. I have both shops liked on Facebook, and favorite on Etsy. My favorite softie in wassupbrothers is Toppy Little Sheep! She is adorable! My favorite from linnwarme is between the love bird brooches, and the sleeping fox brooch. Thank you for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!

  31. I have both shops liked on Facebook, and favorite on Etsy. My favorite softie in wassupbrothers is Toppy Little Sheep! She is adorable! My favorite from linnwarme is between the love bird brooches, and the sleeping fox brooch. Thank you for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!