Thursday, January 02, 2014

Christmas market

 Me and Wassupbrothers creatures  participated in  Christmas market at ''Modni Season Gallery '' ( Галерея ''Модный Сезон'') in Moscow Hotel ,  Ohotni ryad, 2 , 28-29 december 2013.
It was quite strange to sell my creatures almost at Red Square in a fancy store- galery with famous brands around. I feel more comfortable to stay at home with my soft friends in my pajama and fluffy socks )))
I feel better when i have enough time to pack the purchase from me, to put all the little things inside , to write a card, but not just few minutes, because everyone on the run and dont have time to wait.
Anyway it was interesting experience, and i'm happy to met a wonderful couple from ''Exclusive textile'' boutique, who was on that market next by my table. They made my 2 days in that place friendly and full of positive and productive convos.

I'm not a big fan of making the animals- chinese symbols of the year, but this time i decided to try . The symbol of 2014 year is Blue Wooden horse, but finally i made mostly black and red horses. I was inspired by Swedish Dala Horses, usually they are red, and i had a great vintage red wool fabric - Woven from one side and felted from another. I make a bunch of this decorated horses at night before the Christmas market, and they had a big success. They was sold almost all at the first day
Interesting thing- those horses that was more traditional in decor, wasn't sold, and that ones i thought are strange and maybe not perfect in colors combo, was sold.


At the market i had the neighbours - sellers-lovely couple , who sell exclusive textile from India and Europe. The girl expecting a baby, the couple sometimes argued, as my husband and I when we are nervous, but they were absolutely lovely. I'm glad I met them :)
In the evening they were sitting and holding each other, and I drew them on a paper cut as two owls in love . After I gave the girl a picture and said that even though they had quarrels, it still be seen how much they love each other and they are very wonderful.
They liked a picture, and said their looks very alike
After they were joking with each other, "Hey, be good, if you dont want to be sketched again '' he he
Such a great guys :)

Cornelius the Unicorn had a little fan club on the latest Christmas market, and one big fan from another shop- lovely girl Vera.
She visited Cornelius many times a day, and Cornelius was happy to see her every time too It is LOVE !

Vera snapped this picture of Cornelius to remember him  :)

Photography by Igor Zamyatin( MystHive
and by me :)


  1. great market, happy new year, hugs

    1. Thank you so much, dear Paulina ) Happy new Year :)

  2. Wauw! I really love the owls you make, so beautiful!

  3. Looks like you had a great time. :) Do you think you'd do this again? It looked like a good experience.
    Abigail x

    1. Thank you Abi, it was an interesting experience :) I wish to participate in other markets-festivals, but maby in summer , at warm weather )

  4. You don't forget about us :) We are so glad to met you.

    1. Of course, Igor, how can i forget ! You was so wonderful neighbours :) Thank you VERY much for friendly atmosphere and good time )