Thursday, November 21, 2013


This days i'm addicted to a  bright electric yellow color, not big ammount but a little splash. It combines well with the sand, grey and  green colors .
I dont have even one thing around in this color, but i wish to have.  At this gloomy weather without the  sun this color will bring ray of light . I need it so.....Maybe i will start with earrings?

Here is my little collection of lovely things from etsy and internet, i found lately

1 Knitted  jacket coat  by THE KNIT KID
2 Decorative birdy  plate  by   Nathalie Choux                
3 Resin double drop earrings by FlockCurioAssembly
4 Long earrings with tiny yellow triangle by STICKTAILS
5 Geometric  unisex  eco-heathered   v-neck, hand printed geometric design by EarthCadets
6 Crochet Slippers for Women in Yellow & Grey by WhiteNoiseMaker
7  Stuffed toy softie creature by  MeandTex
8  Stained glass feather suncatcher by LotusLabs
9  Blond Devil Plush Yermit Boyfriend Doll by Yermit
10 Canvas painted purse by MyALaModeBoutique

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

U is for Unicorn

Finally he is!
Unicorn Cornelius. It took ages to finish him
He is soft, he is huge ,he is colorful, he is my absolute dream 

I embroidered his face long time ago but then he waited when i will find the right one fabric for his belly and ears.
Unicorn is a big boy -his height is 80 cm( 31.5 ) from the horn's top to toes and 
57 cm ( 22.4'' ) when he sits. 

Now you can find Cornelius in my shop here

 Photos taken by  by Igor Zamyatin ( Myst Hive) and me.


Time for the day nap :)

Unicorn Cornelius , Walace owl and kiwi bird ready to sleep. Have a nice dream, lovelies

Pumpkin mood

The Halloween is gone but i still obsessed with the pumpkins and orange colors.
Here is one of my latest owls - Rusty owl.

You can find Rusty owl  in my shop here

 Photos taken by me, and the first one taken by Igor Zamyatin ( MystHive)