Tuesday, November 05, 2013

U is for Unicorn

Finally ...here he is!
Unicorn Cornelius. It took ages to finish him
He is soft, he is huge ,he is colorful, he is my absolute dream 

I embroidered his face long time ago but then he waited when i will find the right one fabric for his belly and ears.
Unicorn is a big boy -his height is 80 cm( 31.5 ) from the horn's top to toes and 
57 cm ( 22.4'' ) when he sits. 

Now you can find Cornelius in my shop here

 Photos taken by  by Igor Zamyatin ( Myst Hive) and me.


Time for the day nap :)

Unicorn Cornelius , Walace owl and kiwi bird ready to sleep. Have a nice dream, lovelies