Friday, August 16, 2013

Moss Terrariums

I transplanted my indoor plants all day yesterday and made bunch of moss terrariums.
I wanted to make a moss  terrariums for a long time. After many beautiful inspirational photos on Pinterest i wanted to have  my own moss terrariums badly. 
 I tried to find some big and beautiful jars during  last week, but without great results, so i decided to make my terrariums with what i have. I don't want to wait. I cleaned up all the big jars i had and one bottle from cognac.
So here they are .
It was fun to make them, layer by layer. It is easy and interesting!  

 '' Grrrrraw'' says green dino moss keeper

Walace owl , my  owly gentleman

Little Mari owl - my little helper

 Totoro terrarium. This Totoro figurine was a gift from lovely Laura from Blueeyednightowl blog. 
I'm so happy to find right place for him :)

Photos by Igor Zamyatin ( MystHive)

First 2  photos taken by me


  1. Как здорово! Тоже на днях думала не сделать ли такой террариум. Уютненькие какие!

  2. Я вот давно собиралаcь )
    Наконец то сделала.Теперь ношусь по комнате, ищу удобные для них местечки :)

  3. You definitely have me inspired, I think I am going to do that today!

  4. в жизни не видела подобной красоты! как здорово! тоже тоже такое хочу!

    1. )) Спасибо ) Они очень классные. Раз в неделю опрыскиваю водой растения чуть чуть и опять закрываю крышками.Спустя месяц мох такой огромный уже в террариумах вымахал)

  5. I can't believe I missed this post before! They look amazing:) And I loved the pictures too. This post really made me smile.

    Totoro looks right at home there! I'm glad you found such a good place for him:D

  6. I'm happy that you like them, dear Laura :)
    Totoro terrarium is my favorite, he is make me smile every morning :) Thank you )