Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mr Bat

After few monthes   finally i made my first bat. 
Huge Thanks to my dear customer for the PATIENCE and kindness! 
Thank you, dear Elizabeth!

Customer requirements for the bat were:
-  bat boy  in a medium size ( 26 cm)
-  wings to have a layer of lace over a more transparent cloth
-  natural and warm earthy tones ( Its easy, they are my favorite :) )
-  the  body  from  faux-fur

Bat's wings was the longest decision) I tried many ways of  different lace, but finally it looks wonderful .Well i decided to add lace to his ears too, velvet brocade fabric for wings, tea dyed lacy bow and bronze tones button was added in the end. 
Furry body and legs are in the place.
What can i say! I'm in love with him. I cooked him in my head for long, and now it's so sad to let him go) But i gonna make few brothers and sisters for him in the future)

Mr Bat .
He is so lovely boy,so we cant stop to take photos of him)
First 2 photos taken by my dear husband Igor Zamyatin( Myst Hive)

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