Monday, March 18, 2013

And the winner is...

And the winner on my ''Organize yourself '' giveaway  is.....

Anouck Plume 

Congratulations, Anouck ! Happy organizing)
And thanks everyone for participation! Have a wonderful and productive week!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Rosy sheep and Co, and great news

One of my latest creations - Rosy sheep

                                                           Rosy sheep photos made  by  Igor Zamyatin (Myst Hive)

Great news!My  dear friends,  now you can find Rosy sheep, my owls and other creations at offline store ''Depst'' in Moscow, Russia

   Address: Tsvetnoy Central Market , -1 floor,''Depst''
   15,bld 1,Tsvetnoy blvd, Moscow, Russia,
    Теперь моих сов и других созданий можно купить в магазине Depst на минус 1 -ом      
    этаже Tsvetnoy Central Market    ( TЦ ''Цветной'')

   Адрес: Цветной б-р, 15, стр. 1, Tsvetnoy Central Market, 
   –1 этаж , Depst , м. ''Цветной бульвар'' 
   Режим работы: пн-сб 10.00–22.00, вс 11.00–22.00

Sunny and Shiny sheep

Two Custom sheep in yellow tones - Sunny ans Shiny, for 2 sisters and their lovely  baby girls


 2-nd photo made  by  Igor Zamyatin (Myst Hive)

Jefferson owl

My new owl - Jefferson owl

Owl made of combination of faux cream fur, wool houndstooth blue-black fabric, vintage teadyed  cotton lace and lovely vintage button on a velvet blue bow.

First and second photos made  by Igor Zamyatin (Myst Hive)

Friday, March 01, 2013


And the winner of my hedgehog giveaway   is...... Alycia from  Thecuriouspug !
Congratulations, Alycia!

Thanks everyone for participation!
Have a wonderful weekend